Meet Madam Misfit, ‘Queen of Chaphop’

Madam Misfit by Sophie Lavender

We’ve all had moments of insecurities. Bullies roaming the playground, picking on us for having spots, or not being fast enough or even for things as trivial as hair colour.For years this torment and taunting may have effected your self esteem which is sadly natural yet with age comes wisdom and we can use our insecurites as armour, embracing them for what they really are; part of our unique character and really nothing to be insecure about.

Madam Misfit writes songs that challenge us to celebrate our identity. Set on ‘painting a smile’ on her audiences faces her live shows are always postive, finds out what makes her gigs such an experience in my podcast episode. Her songs ‘True You’ and ‘Red haired Misfit’ both acknowledge the difficulties of being judged as different but also the power that difference can hold.

Red Haired Misfit by Madam Misfit

Her new song Don’t Girl is an anthem to independence and showcases the extent of her talent, this track is bold and upbeat making any listener feel powerful. The atitude of it echoes back to an earlier track called ‘Step aside boys’ an arguably satirical piece about steampunk/chap hop being a male dominated genre which is why Madam Misfit calls herself the ‘Queen of Chap Hop’. Find out who the track is addressed to in my podcast episode with her.

Don’t Girl Madam Misfit
Madam Misfit by Kerry Fenton

It is clear that Madam Misfit is an advocate for postive change as she uses her platform to uplift her listeners to embrace their differences but she also encourages them tomake a difference,especially when it comes to the enviroment which is seen in her single ‘The Wombling song’ which samples an important message by Sir David Attenborough.

Although steam punk music was popularised in 2003, the genre knods back to the revolutionism and romanticism of the Victorian era, as a time of politcal reform, classic literature and a very memorable Queen it is only fitting that Madam Misfit broke through into this genre and earned herself the throne of it.

My podcast episode with Madam Misfit

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