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Have a beloved instrument collecting dust at the back of you wardrobe, a drum kit so battered it barely bounces back anymore? Always wanted to share your talent with the wider world but stuck in your living room performing to friends or family members? The open mic nights in your local pub the highlight of your week, when John from down the road dances to your new song or Sue from the post office puts her drink down and taps her feet. People are listening, people want to hear but you don’t know how to share it with them.

Evolve magazine grants aspiring musicians the opportunity to break into the industry. Those that want to share their talent, whether as a solo musician or a band, can get in touch and get involved. Be featured, be known.

In the meantime click the latest link to read about artists in a similar position to you, chasing a dream on a road filled with potholes and dead ends but still finding their way. Bands trapped in small towns, solo artists suffocating in large cities. Those with talent, drive and ambition deserve to be recognised. Let those already featured inspire you.

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