Meet Katie Fry, multi-talented singer/songwriter from California.

Katie Fry captured by Layla Self

A song is played for a reason. Whether it be through guidance through a hurricane or a dance partner, music allows to confide in ourselves moving through the motions or increasing euphoria it is a constant we can rely on which is why Katie Fry describes it as “an old friend, it’s everywhere in life whether that be at a wedding or a funeral”

For Fry music is the greatest emotional healer. Whilst studying to become a therapeutic bedside musician she visited patients in the ICU and paediatrics . During this time she learned how to play the harp and now shares her talent at a hospice with memory care patients which she says has been “one of the most rewarding experiences of her life”

Her own songs are inspired by emotional trauma, either her own or others. The backstory to her single,My California came from the devastation she felt when her childhood home was lost to a wildfire in 2020, which displaced her parents. Yet she used this as an opportunity to remember the golden times growing up in her hometown. The outcome is an uplifting tribute, aided by Fry’s sopranic voice which evokes positivity despite having a sarcastic chorus. She grew up in the rural farmland area of California, speckled with foothill, lakes and creeks. Fry says “it was a magical place to grow up”

My California Katie Fry

Her songs are thus almost an audio autobiography, one you can cry, rejoice with and dance to. Most songs reflect her emotions but some explore the perspectives of other people and how a heavy situation may be affecting them. Her angry love songs are hardest for her to release but she shares them anywhere because we can all relate to heartbreak, however it isn’t always this way as Fry rejoices as she is “happily married”.

As we creep closer to Christmas it is only traditional that we talk Christmas pastimes and singles. For Fry December is a month full of celebration as her family have many overlapping birthdays. Growing up in a choir it is no surprise that her favourite Christmas song is the foreboding Carol of the Bells . This dramatic symphony’s echoed in the opening section of Fry’s single, New Year Came. The melancholic piano cautiously welcomes in the new year suspicious of what it has to offer before embracing the uncertainty with a sloppy jam band style flute solo. it is currently available on band camp.

Katie Fry taken by Layla Self

Already there is so much for Fry to embrace in 2022, the release of a full length album in the summer called ‘Running against the Wind’ which will feature the New Year Came and also title track Running Against The Wind”. This song was born after Fry spent a month bed bound recovering from surgery. As she sat at her piano the song poured out of her, she felt her self as completely healed and thus running against the wind.

One Foot At A Time Katie Fry

For Fry music is about magical moments such as playing out on the farmers market and playing twinkle twinkle little star to children seeing them dance and singing along brings her so much joy’

Fry defines her style as “pieces of Pop with a Folk/Americana influenced sound. Some of my recordings are more stripped down with just piano, or guitar. Other recordings have a full band sound with drums and other instruments like bass and slide guitar. When I perform solo on the guitar people say I sound ‘country’ and opposite of that when I perform solo with piano I have been told they hear a ‘jazz’ influence” but listen to it yourself and see what you think.

More to lose Katie Fry

To those trying to break into the industry the effort is seemingly arduous and it felt seldom that success is achievable in times of restriction but Fry remains positive and offers the useful advice to those aspiring artists:

“Keep practicing, experiment with new instruments and new styles of music. Avoid the comparison trap! The wonderful thing about art and music is that there is no particular way that it HAS to be done. That’s the beauty of it, all musicians are unique and different in their creative process. Surround yourself with others who appreciate this concept… maybe find someone who inspires you and allow them to become your mentor. Understand that success can mean playing to a handful of listeners in a cafe or a small local pub. You don’t have to go on a giant tour to be a ‘real’ musician”

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