Meet Suburban Toys, A punk ska band from Lincoln

May be an image of 4 people, people standing, people playing musical instruments, guitar and indoor
Surbuban Toys taken by Will Binks

Punk, pottery and golden members, this really is a whirlwind of a band.punk is known for being anti-establishment and advocating free speech which is why I tried to keep this podcast episode as raw as possible, listen to it here.

The band, made up of Vincent Ramsey on bass and vocals, Hope on vocals, Tony on drums and Adam on vocals and guitar, formed 40 years ago and have performed at Festivals such as SkaBillyPunk Fest ,Eagle Fest, and  Badger Fest. With the Punk and Roll rendezvous festival coming up on February 12th this band have never taken a break from performing. Tickets are available here.

The song that started it all Coupe de Ville by Suburban Toys

Punk is known for being cathartic, listeners can emerge themselves in a controlled rage, screaming at the systems, advocating anarchy and challenging those that keep inequality in place. But, as Tony has taught, our mental health can be calmed in a more progressive environment, that being in pottery. By investing in others, coaching them to take control of their lives by literally moulding something intricate or authentic from a lump of clay, a person’s self esteem increases. They learn they are capable of creativity, direction and structure and with the encouragement to seek a professionals advise can gradually learn how to apply these techniques to real life.

As well as being a testament to perseverance this band is an ode to friendship. Talent does not matter if there is no one to share it with, no one to laugh at mistakes with or to triumph at success with. It is just fortunate that this band have both, the ability to poke fun at one another whilst supporting each other to step on stage, to sing, to strum, to drink whether that be responsibly or not they do so knowing there will always be the arms of another to pull them up or drag them off. And friendship is arguably the most anti-establishment roar of them all, we are born alone but together we navigate these systems that try to divide us.

Radioactive Suburban Toys

With another gig to prepare for supporting on the 20th February, it is clear we will continue to hear from this band for years to come. More information for that gig here and if you can’t wait to hear them then listen to my podcast episode.

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