SÜKKO return with their new single Golden Suits


The world seems to be plagued with violence, building tensions with Ukraine’s border and Russia looming whilst the crisis in Yemen continues. It is understandable why many of us want to remain ignorant to these realities, instead of opening up our heads to them for then, we realise how helpless we are in the face of injustice.

Mainstream media routinley fails to focus on the world around us, we may be allowed some minute understanding but we are left to rely on our own curiosity to see the wilder world. SÜKKO’s new single Golden Suits explores these themes, holding meglomaniac leaders accountable by questioning why they’re allowing the demise of our enviroment and neglecting the underprivilleged. This shift to privillege is spoltlighted in the latter stages of the song. We may all live in the same society but it’s difficult for the rising sea levels to reach you when you’re born on a buttressed pedestal of privellege.

Golden Suits by SÜKKO

The frustration and anger felt in the face of helplessness is imbued throughout the song in the form of cynical, observational lyricism from vocalsit Felix Jordan and gritty guitar riffs from James Jordan and Eliot Clarke on guitar. Some parts of the track are alsmot idel in their tone, hinting at the laziness of our leaders to address concerning issues, this reggae mix of trumpet and synth keyboard from Matt Thompson is contradicted by the demands of Ben Alexander on the drums.If you want more from life this is the perfect track to listen to whilst searching for it.

SÜKKO are using their growing platform to raise awareness to the control of insitutions have over us and how little of the world is discussed, it encoruages us to question why these structure are in place and whther reform needs to be taken. Their EP of the same name, Golden Suits, showcases their stance against dominant politics.

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