Nottinghamshire band L.A Sunday release latest single 9 AM.

We wear the walls we grew up surrounded by. In t L.A Sunday’s case these walls were adorned with the iconic Nirvana poster, a bedroom littered with crumpled song sheets, guitar picks and teenage paraphernalia.L.A Sunday, makes music for those dreamers, for those of us that have the drive but no destination.

L.A Sunday

Music can take us to otherworldly destinations, distant memories, future ambitions or even a mundane car park on a bleak Thursday evening. It was an evening similar to this the boys were sat in Pizza Hut car park that they became L.A Sunday. Although they had released songs before, played a view gigs and gained local recognition it was this night that changed. Like the rising of the dough their song Highgate, produced in songwriter Lloyd’s bedroom, soared through Spotify streams reaching 100k.

The band, made up of Lloyd – Lead Vocals / Guitar / Bass,Finn – Backing Vocals / Guitar / Bass,Charlie – Backing Vocals / Guitar / Bass,Harry – Drums / Designated Driver, managed to make a name for themselves after their debut single Contour reached 1k streams within a week of release.Their success continued when their second single ‘Tired Eyes’ was picked up by BBC Introducing Lincolnshire which saw the song reach 3000 streams in a week. 100k streams still felt worlds away but this band worked, practicing and producing in Spare bedrooms, using FL Studio and logic pro. Practice rooms have encouraged them to switch up their sound by moving towards heavier guitar based tunes.

9am by L.A Sunday

This is hinted at in their new latest single 9am. The band have said this song is about “having a day where nothing is going in your favour and then eventually it gets better. we’ve all been there. Sonically we tried to replicate this progression too. we wanted to have a quick catchy hook which then breaks and gradually builds towards the end. The ending riff is really the selling point of the song and it’s great to play live, a lot of people think it’s a synth but it’s Finn playing it on his guitar. we usually open with it at the moment as it’s just a good all rounder and it’s really fun to play for all of us. Artist wise it’s really inspired by early 2000s bands The Killers, Stereophonics.” 

L.A Sunday

Inspired by Indie legends The Neighbourhood, The 1975 and Pale Waves this band are an amalgamation of the gritty guitar riffs quintessential to the indie genre but also borrowing funk and jazz elements to marry that difference and familiarity we all crave as it hints that change can happen.

The band have played a handful of both support and headline gigs, their debut being at the Birdcage in Lincoln and another on the 29th of July where they’ll be headlining The Victoria Dalston, in London, more information here. Their prep before a gig is strategic, negotiations with sound engineers, tours of venues and before going on stage they fuel themselves with food they can’t find at home.

These guys are just becoming well known, their fans consistent and their passion prevailing. We discussed how they would like to be remembered and its simply as “nice guys who love music, to be those who inspire other people to do what they love”.

Like the greats, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Talking Heads, L.A Sunday want to share a large house with a decent home studio, big kitchen and bigger home cinema room to watch 90s classics like Oceans 11, Heat, Point Break and Fight Club on repeat. Perhaps too also have endorsement from Fender / Tama / Zildjian endorsement would be lovely.

The band make music because it’s “an innocent way of expressing feeling and emotions. songwriting also develops you as a musician id say and it’s something to work towards completing, it’s an end less game and nothing is right or wrong. 

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