Meet Venomous rose, a Glam Rock band from Derby

Josh,Dan,Matteo and Sam of Venomous Rose

Motley Cue, Van Halen and KISS are all famous faces of glam rock and Matteo Di Marco, lead vocals, Josh Grainger on the drums, Daniel Griffiths on Guitar and Sam Fuller on Bass, continue the success of their predecessors with Venomous Rose. Live gigs are not just audible events, they are extravagant performances, fulled by energetic crowds and flamboyant songs.

A Thousand Miles by Venomous Rose

Their musical talent is clear from their lyrics to their guitar riffs but as this week’s podcast episode demonstrates this band is somewhat of a showstopper both on stage and off, with a captivating finish that will leave you screaming for an encore.

EVOLVE podcast episode

The music we listen to becomes an institute of our identity, a map of our experiences and the people we have met. Like a familiar scent, music is the closest experience we have to a time machine, visiting places we have been to and dreaming of the views we want to see. The pubs that host karaoke and open mic nights to the places that hold main stages, these buildings are more than brick and beer they are friendship sweat and tears. To honour independent music venue week, the heartbreaking closures of local live music venues in the band’s home town are discussed in my podcast episode which will be released soon.

Josh and Matteo

In a celebration of identity and culture, Venomous Rose is playing at Ye Old Salutation Inn on Saturday 12th February, tickets for which you can get here. This is shortly followed by a gig with TAILGUNNER who have been friends with the band since those Saturday nights open mic nights; their history together is discussed more on the podcast but until then buy tickets to see them live on the 23rd of March here. Physical copies of their EP ,’Raise The Flame’. are available now, buy them here.

Rock (Don’t Let It Die) Venomous Rose