Meet Ezy Ryders,a breakthrough band from Brighton.

Tom and Jake by Joe Goldring

With Halloween looming Ezy Ryders have released a timely debut track called ‘Shake Our Fears’.

Shake Our Fears by Ezy Ryders

With it’s under the radar appeal, their new release ,Shake Our Fears, is energetic and raw in it’s approach. It sets itself apart by emrbacing topics of vulnerabiltiy , encouraging a listner to leave situations where you although you feel comfortable you do not belong.

The brutality echoing from the drum allows a listener to groove to a quick paced motion, channelling anger and fear into free flowing movement. Personally this song became quite a visual art, picturing wrong doings and how I would react now compared to how I did then. Despite it’s apparent aggression the lyrics of the song serve as a catharsis allowing a listener to heal by ‘leaving those fools behind’ (lyrics from Shake Our Fears)

Tom and Jake By Joe Goldring

Over a bowl of fresh pasta Tom and Jake shared with me their greatest fears and greatest talents, whcih involved an impressive mouth trumpet and an uncanny Machine Gun Kelly impression. Hinting at upcoming releases and sharing some advice to live by ,this podcast episode is not one to miss.

Lincoln Ear episode with Ezy Ryders
Ezy Ryders by Joe Goldring

Navigating a new era and embracing mutliple genres to produce a song that resonates with an audience and an individual, Ezy Ryders are paving the way for the post lockdown revolution we’re begining to see in music. New sound is always the harbinger for new opportunities and with their latest single already gaining them 75 followers on spotify it’s intruguing to see where their music will take them.