Meet Archy, a Lincolnshire musician

Tectonic by Archy

Music is consistent. Listeners are able to control what they hear, what emotion they want to immerse themselves in in order to understand what they’re going through. Archy has said that “Each new song is a culmination of what [he] is at that point in time. Although some songs discuss personal themes I aim for most to be accessible so that my audieince can resonate with them”

His latest single, “Tectonic”, for me is an ode to the beauty and brutality of a tense relationship, may that be a platonic or romantic one. It showcases his talent and maturity as an artisit as usually he overworks his music whereas this time he responded to feeback from friends and was able to produce soemthing with combined perspectives. Tectonic echoes that of Monkey wrench by Foo Fighters and Figure it out by Royal blood.

Archy describes the music he releases as ” rock music with anthemic, thick walls of sound. I love layering up loads of layers and harmonies to fill each song to the brim”

From the age of nine, he spent most of his time playing any instrument he could find and by 12 he was writing his own songs. This effort and commitment led to him having his first self-produced single played on BBC Music Introducing when he was just 16.


Although he is a solo aritst, producing all his own music music, when performing live he enlists the help of friends to serve as his band. He’s been friends with his drummer Ian since secondary school and went to the same music college as his bassist Nathan.

“They both have a powerful stage presence which resonates throughout. Not only are they my band but my best friends too” Archy

Leeds, Reading and Boardmasters festival almsot served as an opening ceremony for the return of live music. Archy was able to perform at Latitude in July of this year, which he described as being a “surreal” and “hectic”experience. He also shared with me the importance of live music “It unites people. You’ll never find anyone friendlier than those people off to see their favourite artists”.

Despite how far he has come in a short period of time, seemingly sprinting toward success, Archy describes himself as “still at base camp at the mountain of the music industry”. But he’s working with a small managment label, wearecetera, in the hopes of gaining more gigs and festival slots,

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