This new single demands a live rendition with the crowd in full throttle mosh pit, headbanging and pogoing. The lyrics may be disorientating as lines blur between who the ‘user abuser’ is but this dizziness may be a deliberate attempt to reflect situations in which a manipulator twists scenarios to stunt you, leaving you struggling between who you are and who you are having to be because of this person, but the message is clear, it’s time to move on from this environment, even though this song will stick around.

The punchy attitude from Daniel Sharatt on the drums drumbeat permeates this piece reminding a listener to stand tall in the face of adversity. This is echoed by the guitar riffs and amplified by Matt Duke’s powerful vocals. Together the track produced is dominant, catchy and in need of a repeat listen.

This is the third release from Albany’s post covid studio sessions with more exciting music in the works it is Inspiring to see this band EVOLVE.

Georgie Hanson releases new single Circles.

Georgie Hanson

Lincoln is bursting with talent, introducing the wonderful Georgie Hanson with her new single Circles.

Some paths we follow find us running alongside a lake or stream, othertimes our path is disrupted, a ferocious ocean halts our journey. The waves roll close to us, blocking our view of escape. It’s not the water that scares us it’s how we face it, do we turn back, do we drown or do we dive right in? Georgie’s single encoruages us to dive in, doing so finding the water to be calm, we can swim through this.

With the reassurance of a reoccuring rythm, Circles teaches you how to swim in the troubled water of your mind. An audible dream, evoking images of an idyllic love.You know you can swim by yourself, safely to the shore but it’s more fun to swim with others, life is about embracing both possibilities.

Georgie Hanson

Georgie explained that she “began the track with a breath to capture the nerves you feel when you’re in a new relationship”

This new Indie/pop track is perfect for the spring season that hosts vibrancy and vast possibilities.

Circles by Georgie Hanson

Her lyrics are heartfelt, the bravery that comes with being vulnerable pays off in with this infectious melody.

Georgie has been creating these harmonious narratives for almost ten years, starting her lyrical journey at age 16, she’s already released two EPs and is currently working on her first album. The singer promises that 2022 will be a big year for her.

Remember Sukko? Well look at them now

Bringing you Indie Bangers straight from their kitchen. (Read my inital interview with them here to understand that)


A catch up with this band was needed after the announcement their new single “In My Head ” is out now so check it out

In My Head Sukko

From their album A Violent deep feel’ the melodic ,synth instrumental to this song evokes a soft feeling, a ray of sunlight through an open window or a stroll in the local park, feeling light, not bothering with a jacket and being out soley for the breeze is a complete contrast to the chorus which seems to be about the torment of being trapped inside your own head.

It’s tone quickly becomes quite haunting the familiar voice of Felix Jordan becomes that belonging to consequence, guilt. It demonstrates how capricious life is, how instantaneous change comes and how quickly you can go from being stable on the ground to lying on the floor.

The atmospheric instrumental is brought to us by Matt Thompson on the trumpet and keyboard, Ben Alexander on the foreboding drums, James Jordan and Eliot Clarke on guitar


The band shared the inspiration for their song with me “The song is an exploration of many of the negatives felt by everyone from time to time, anxiety,stress and loneliness. The songs emotional essence also highlights the need for escapism,the need to find inner peace , to seperate one’s self from the world whilst understanding we must return to re andality face our issues, ask for help if need be”

Since our initial interview back in August the band have evolved in terms of improving their song writing and their live performances. Their music ”is constantly adapting, transcending from one style to another to fit certain mood or prescient topics. These attitudes are evident in both ‘Take Your Time’ and ‘In My Head’, the latter of which is more experimental in it’s approach to production with more synths and textures, it is quite an immersive experience”

Take Your Time By Sukko

This will be their sixth single as band since forming in 2018.