The Publics release their first single of 2022, Marathon In Heels

In the words of their earlier single, Was That Kiss Meant For Me, their music has really ‘never been like this before’.

Ebony,James,Euan,Elliot and Josh. The Publics in Nottingham by Josh Jackson

After almost a year since releasing their previous single, Art Of War, The Publics are back, fleshed out in their formation. Ever experimental with their sound whilst sticking close to the traditional guitar heavy riffs, definitve of the Indie genre, Marathon In Heels evolves into harmonies evocative of 90s dance. This step showcases the extensive talent this band holds.

This concoction of both familiarity and difference is cooked up by Josh Porter, lead vocalist and guitarist and Elliot Stephenson also on lead guitar and man behind the lyrics.The drums that dictate the march of the heels is brought to you by the talented James Keith, the booming bass is from Euan Finch and the cyclical vocals that embrace the instrumentals and bring the listener closer to the lyrics are sung by Ebony.

The Publics

The narrative of this song explores the journey of dilemmas . When a situation you belong to no longer feels welcome, do you join the runners or do you leap into the moshpit and dance the night away? The fantasy of union and joy keeps you anchored to the arms of others, after all does it really matter if both actions lead to the same conclusion; conflict with someone you once loved or possibly still do?

As the lights of the dance floor lift , you’re faced with the stained and sticky reality that you may have lost the race, your shoes are dirty and your head hurts, all you want is the hand of your lover to help you home but they’re gone and you’re left to walk alone. This song becomes your guide, it takes you home and you dance all the way.

Meet some of the band members in this week’s podcast episode which includes terrible jokes, marathon facts and drunken anecdotes.

The Publics in Rough Trade by Josh Jackson

After performing alongside The Reytons, in 2021, The Publics have made themselves known in the indie scene, gradually shifting from emerging talent to household names. Their local success is sure to soon become nationwide with more bangers like Marathon In Heels.

The Publics

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The Publics

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