Lazy Hunter releases their Insightful new track, Influencer

Pete and Chris of Lazy Hunter

We’ve all scrolled through instagram, scrutinsing the veneered smiles on our screens whilst criticisng our own bodies for not being like theirs,ridiculing somebody else’s life because ours is not the same. Their’s is full of sand and sunsets whilst ours is 6ams and cold showers. Lazy Hunter’s new polyrhythmic song Influencer tears this facade down reminding an audience that these people, who we aspire to be, are just like us. It dares people to show others who they really are.


This satirical narrative delivered by soft vocals is juxtaposed throughout by dramtic drum tones that serve to remind a listener that whilst they dance and sing to this catchy tune, they are doing so in a dark ‘plastic relaity’ where nothing is real at all.Other people’s screen worthy realities become our fantasies to the point some of us may feel tempted to neglect our own life and emmerse ourselves in the perfect world we can fit in our palms. Hints of jazz can be heard behind the strong sythns of the song and it is clear to hear why this band has been compared to the likes of Mars Volta and the Killers.

This desire to be different haunts most of us at some point in our lives, the mirrored image just isn’t enough for us anymore, we dream of ‘Leaving the world behind’. This song perfectly captures this desperation whilst reminding us that this life through the glass can be lonely too.

Lazy Hunter formed ,by brothers Chris and Pete Gibson, in 2019 describe their sounds as ‘wilfully bizaree with meldoic sensibillty’ paving a different direction for Indie msuic which works so well, evidenced by the success of their two EPs Paradise and Anti-social which were released in 2021.

Antisocial by Lazy Hunter

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