Midland railway release A song for Hannah-Beth

A song that explores the excitement and fear that comes with love. When we enter something new we tend to take our baggage with us, bringing old memories to taint the new ones, our own insecurities spoiling new experiences.

Midland Railway

On the surface this song echoes the fun, entertaining tune heard in their previous track, Pokemon adventure, but the narrative this Nottinghamshire quintet explores are more complex than first heard.

A song for Hannah-Beth.

When someone shows us an unexpected amount of love it may cause us to topple, to wonder why this person has placed us so proudly upon this pedestal. When we believe we are not good enough we doubt that we can ever be loved. This may cause us to pull ourselves away from a genuine embrace, to hide our face and clamour for an escape. It is not the love for them we desire to leave but the lack of love in our self.

With more songs in the works it’s exciting to see what this band will produce next. Read about their previous work here or listen to my podcast to experience the witty humour and history this band posses that fuels their lyrics .

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