Meet Cosmin who has released A song for…

Cosmin by Sorana Bran

What sort of song do you need to listen to today? Do you need to reminisce? Do you need to dance? Or do you need an anthem to get angry and cry too? Cosmin’s debut EP has you covered.

The EP titled A song for… guides a listener through their own soul. The sentimental sound of the anthem is lifted with Cosmin’s raw vocals and powerful piano notes. It is a true expose of the self that we can all share. We listen to his story and slowly we find our own. The tracklist provides an answer for what we need for that particular hour when we mute the noise of real life with the beautiful backing track of music.

He has a song dedicted to those with problems. Some of us may not admit it but we all feel this sense of defeat, desperation and devestation at times in our lives, whether they are off days or off years but then there are times when we shine, when we dance and laugh with our selves, with our friends. Music is the only anchor we have in this tsunami of uncertanty and this EP epitomises that.


Blonde memories is a close favourite to Dancing for me. Both echo each others talent and power but the nostaligia evoked by the lyrics in blonde memories is something I turn to in times of reflection, the few moments before bed I have listened to this in the hope of directing my dreams to previous years or different realities, and that song allows for that travel, for that reflection to take place.

dancing by Cosmin

Dancing is a love of mine due to the Jazz begining, the backing instrumentals are enchanting, I am pulled in by this particular song. It is quite a sinister sound, alluring in it’s power. It’s hypnotic, almost poisonous, it puts a listener in the persepctive of someone who is struggling in their craft, in their situation yet they are forced to stay. The entire song is a metaphor for being held captive both in its narrative but also in its relationship with a listener. I am both embraced and held back by these lyrics. This song could be in the opening or in the end credits of a James Bond film.

On my podcast epsisode with Cosmin I was surprised to find the entire album bar one song was recorded and produced in his car, hopefully the car he’ll take on tour when he makes it big, which if he keeps making music like this he will do.

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