Redeemers release Venue Affair on the 5th of August.

“For a few hours all those problems you had before are just white noise .”

The Redeemers

It’s 8pm on a Friday, you’re home, sore feet, tired eyes and a throbbing headache. Work has been rough, your favourite co-worker off sick and your patronising manager down your neck the whole time. You’re home now but your skull is still heavy with the weight of the desk. A missed call from your mate, an optimistic text from another. Two words. Town tonight?

With Wednesday and Thursday night still piled high in the sink, you sigh. A quick reply “Go on then”. Your pre-wrecked trainers on and you’re out the door, down the road and on the bus. Reality pauses as the music plays, the queue shortens and the shots are lined up. Problems refused entry and you’re on the dance floor.

Eoin Harkin

We all have our go to drink, our go to song and go to club. The Venue in Manchester has hosted many iconic nights, seen Sam Fender play and has now inspired The Redeemers new song Venue affair. Lead guitarist and songwriter Eoin Harkin said “I wrote the song with just the image of the place in mind, the
thought of that feeling of youthful escapism, finding that little get away spot where
things are a bit different, you can have a laugh and enjoy yourself. Once you’re down those
stairs as you get in, the world above them doesn’t exist anymore. For a few hours all those problems you had before are just white noise down there.”

Matty McCallum

Their latest single will have you head banging in the flashing lights, moshing in line for the bar the words more memorable than the night they call for. This single is a light to youth culture and showcases the talent of the band with passionate vocals from Matty McCallum this song will be playing on the way to the club and on the way home, keeping the night going so have you playlists prepped for August 5th.

With more songs recorded and ready to be released throughout the rest of the year and a
successful support slot with The Rah’s under their belts, Redeemers have lit the torch paper
and they are ready to take off with the release of ‘Venue Affair’, their incredible debut single.

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