Georgie Hanson releases 2am

Inventing nightmares while you should be dreaming? This song is for you…

Georgie Hanson

Georgie Hanson continuously resonates with those of us struggling with inner turmoil.Her powerful vocals are amplified by the jazz infused instrumentals. The upbeat rhythm contrast the heavy weight of her raw lyrics, reflecting that while many of us may stand strong, smile and get things done, we feel vacant inside. This unfamiliar feeling of dancing through chaos is what Hanson wishes to achieve, she says “I love writing sad songs you can dance too, whether it be about a break up or a quarter life crisis”. This song is all about crisis control when it feels you lack all sense of solidity.

We invent nightmares when we should be sleeping, you’re in an abyss which has no pit, enforced by the dying light of a once promising potential. There is no guarantee in what should be. How can we be guided when we have lost our sense of direction, our chosen path suddenly leads to a dead end and there are no diversions?


The disorientation is beautifully captured in Hanson’s accompanying video to her latest single.Filmed in Glasgow the wide camera angle paired with the desolate streets and darkness reflect the isolation amplified by the vastness of a new place.Hanson worked with Glasgow based cinematographer Stuart Alexander to express how our insecurities isolate us. We feel we are drifting through this chaos watching it all unfold unable to influence the tides, as the waves inside drown us. Songs such as 2am teach us to sail the sea that settles in all of us.

For Georgie this song helped her structure the fluidity that comes with the shock of being 21, the dissonance in feeling you should have your life sorted out by now while knowing you’re still young enough. Barely an adult, yet it feels time is running out to get back on track, to get back to yourself. Hanson, now 25, explained how this song helped her retain a sense of who she was during these tumultuous years…

” I had a huge shock entering my adult years, all my life events went from having minimal responsibility to major.Writing about this experience in 2am allowed me to process the changes that I was faced with, helping me to maintain an overall sense of identity.”

With her infectious melodies and captivating vocals it is no surprise that 2AM has already received radio play from Alister Williams host of ‘That 70’s Radio Show’ leading her to a feature BBC Introducing with Hannah Fletcher. This success continues her path of colourful accolades since her debut single Roads and Paths in 2018 received over 6k streams.

Roads and Paths

It is clear there is a fruitful future for Hanson with 55 monthly listeners on Spotify and an upcoming gig at the Ranby Festival on the 27th of August. Buy tickets here.

Redeemers release Venue Affair on the 5th of August.

“For a few hours all those problems you had before are just white noise .”

The Redeemers

It’s 8pm on a Friday, you’re home, sore feet, tired eyes and a throbbing headache. Work has been rough, your favourite co-worker off sick and your patronising manager down your neck the whole time. You’re home now but your skull is still heavy with the weight of the desk. A missed call from your mate, an optimistic text from another. Two words. Town tonight?

With Wednesday and Thursday night still piled high in the sink, you sigh. A quick reply “Go on then”. Your pre-wrecked trainers on and you’re out the door, down the road and on the bus. Reality pauses as the music plays, the queue shortens and the shots are lined up. Problems refused entry and you’re on the dance floor.

Eoin Harkin

We all have our go to drink, our go to song and go to club. The Venue in Manchester has hosted many iconic nights, seen Sam Fender play and has now inspired The Redeemers new song Venue affair. Lead guitarist and songwriter Eoin Harkin said “I wrote the song with just the image of the place in mind, the
thought of that feeling of youthful escapism, finding that little get away spot where
things are a bit different, you can have a laugh and enjoy yourself. Once you’re down those
stairs as you get in, the world above them doesn’t exist anymore. For a few hours all those problems you had before are just white noise down there.”

Matty McCallum

Their latest single will have you head banging in the flashing lights, moshing in line for the bar the words more memorable than the night they call for. This single is a light to youth culture and showcases the talent of the band with passionate vocals from Matty McCallum this song will be playing on the way to the club and on the way home, keeping the night going so have you playlists prepped for August 5th.

With more songs recorded and ready to be released throughout the rest of the year and a
successful support slot with The Rah’s under their belts, Redeemers have lit the torch paper
and they are ready to take off with the release of ‘Venue Affair’, their incredible debut single.

10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark

Instead of running from the tides of time Luke Pritchard has mastered the seven seas with new Kooks release, 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark.

Lead singer Luke has said this release hosts a “major rebirth for the band. It is full of new music for the next generation”, it’s an album that lives for the future whilst acknowledging the past. This set of bangers and ballads have been done differently, especially “Sailing On A Dream”which is the first song to be written as a collaborative effort between all band members. Luke, guitarist Hugh Harris and drummer Alexis Nunez have created a psychedelic rhythm which transports a listener to an active state of sedation in which we explore our inner psyche whilst remaining aware of who we are and what we are dealing with. The light-hearted lyrics help lift us from these states, making us more aware of our realities making our realities more , the absurdity of the everyday becomes more apparent as we are faced with scenarios in which our loved ones weep into bright fruits and obsess over pointed shoes.

With the birth of Pritchard’s son, Julian, he has become more aware of his own reality and the situation the next generation may be left with.The singer has previously mentioned he would trust AI with governing humanity over any politician.His song ‘Cold Heart’ features a children’s choir from the Pauline Quirke Academy as well as including the next generation this song exposes our inner child, the naivety and hope we once had toward one another now suffocated, left struggling for air deep within , this song pays homage to the pilgrimage of compassion. The song and the inclusion of the choir demonstrates that music is for all of us but ultimately that the Kooks may be moving on; Pritchard has said “Hopefully, by the time Julian is 18 we’ll have got out of his way”, leaving space for the next mile of musicians.

The song further reflects the impact of the previous three years on a person.From the optimism of the end of 2019 going into a hopeful new year to the utter shock of diving into warm bath at the end of a hard working week only to be scalded, you leave it to cool for a while to come back dip an arm in to find your skin littered with goosebumps, the doom and exhaustion that defined 2020, only to move into the slow lull of 2021 and eventually the current crisis in 2022, the war, the fuel, the cost of being alive.

Of course we always had hope, we had each other in a time defined by division, restrictive laws and unjustified exiles to inhumane places, we overcame by uniting, finding the shrill shrieks of the many and challenging them with whispers, people will always rise for their rights. We can shift statues, we change stubborn laws just as the Kooks can embrace change after two decades of a distinctive sound.

The song Oasis pays homage to the escapism that love offered some of us through these times. Whether its our first one, married love, new love, this song speaks to us who still feel disbelief when we glimpse at our partner. Still dazzled by simple things like the length of their eyelashes, the way their tongue trips over certain letters and how they sound in the shower. It is the way this person makes us feel that makes us love them so, this stranger’s soul saved us from ourselves, allowed us to remedy our insecurities and achieve our desired realities. This individual becomes a superhero just by being who they are.

Think success will make you any less insecure, an accolade is not always a guaranteed reassure, this is discussed in Without A Doubt in which Luke exposes his imposter syndrome. This drive to be someone else, looking for the way of strangers to escape ourselves.Perhaps it is success we strive for, this unachievable ever moving margin of improvement, a gold sticker to a gold necklace, all trinkets and trophies, a trifle we’ll take a slither from before seeing it as too small, too sour, just not enough. There will always be something more we can do to gain success to guarantee you’ll impress, but it is love that assures us we have done enough, that we are worthy of warmth from another. That is what this song is about, you may feel uncomfortable with yourself but you will find someone who is comfortable with you and that will be enough to get you through.

You can catch them on tour and experience this new generation sound for yourselves here.