Meet Darcy Louch

A cardboard cut out shaped into a square, sat on the dining room table surrounded by chairs. A friend or a few come over, or it’s a family night either way it’s all eyes on the prize. We are both united but divided, as the dice rolls and the timer ticket’s anyones win.But it’s also a task a mystery solved together, a property shared. In Darcy’s song Love game the game is over for the female protagonist has already won.

Darcy Louch

Swiping right, swiping left, she is in control of who she lets into her life, she enjoys the contest but refuses to be a conquest. With the card’s on the table it’s anyones bet just as long as the Queen doesn’t demand off with his head.

The dramatic dynamics that Darcy explores in Love game may resonate with those of us who have been in relationships in which our partner is gambling with our emotions, how many bets will they place before tears fall from our face and we pack up our things and leave this place?. The power and immaturity that comes with mind games is wittily explored in this romantic tale of fiction in which no voice can be trusted.Her female powerhouse influences are definitely imbued throughout this song, with echoes of Amy Winehouse and Etta James this piece is a striking performance from Louch.

Louch put this compelling piece together using only Acrobat and Garage band, a completely different formula to the production of her other song worst enemy which was professionally produced in a studio.

Worst enemy

Worst enemy explores the battle of cognitive dissonance, this sinister shallow of self doubt rising through you spine and slowly swallowing your soul as you work your hardest to reach your goals. You know you’re capable but you are worried you’ll fail, you’ll fall just as you reach to get it all. What if the person you’ve worked hard to be isn’t the best person you could be? What do you do when yourself becomes too much for you to handle? All of your energy goes into defeating this ficitious villainous version of a version yourself you have created.

Darcy Louch

Louch uses this song to expose her self inflicted wounds, despite the support of her friends and family she is her worst enemy. Her jazz infused vocals and upbeat backing track could fool you into thinking this was a positive song, which is usually the front we give to people when we are struggling but the lyrics are self explanatory that sometimes being who you are is a constant battle, we may be enough for others but just not for ourselves an dit is about finding faith in our ability and allowing ourselves to be proud of them.

As well as being in her third year of teaching at a special needs secondary school in Barnet she is working hard to release an EP in October which will feature three new tracks- check out my podcast episode with her for exclusives!

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