Meet Darcy Louch

A cardboard cut out shaped into a square, sat on the dining room table surrounded by chairs. A friend or a few come over, or it’s a family night either way it’s all eyes on the prize. We are both united but divided, as the dice rolls and the timer ticket’s anyones win.But it’s also a task a mystery solved together, a property shared. In Darcy’s song Love game the game is over for the female protagonist has already won.

Darcy Louch

Swiping right, swiping left, she is in control of who she lets into her life, she enjoys the contest but refuses to be a conquest. With the card’s on the table it’s anyones bet just as long as the Queen doesn’t demand off with his head.

The dramatic dynamics that Darcy explores in Love game may resonate with those of us who have been in relationships in which our partner is gambling with our emotions, how many bets will they place before tears fall from our face and we pack up our things and leave this place?. The power and immaturity that comes with mind games is wittily explored in this romantic tale of fiction in which no voice can be trusted.Her female powerhouse influences are definitely imbued throughout this song, with echoes of Amy Winehouse and Etta James this piece is a striking performance from Louch.

Louch put this compelling piece together using only Acrobat and Garage band, a completely different formula to the production of her other song worst enemy which was professionally produced in a studio.

Worst enemy

Worst enemy explores the battle of cognitive dissonance, this sinister shallow of self doubt rising through you spine and slowly swallowing your soul as you work your hardest to reach your goals. You know you’re capable but you are worried you’ll fail, you’ll fall just as you reach to get it all. What if the person you’ve worked hard to be isn’t the best person you could be? What do you do when yourself becomes too much for you to handle? All of your energy goes into defeating this ficitious villainous version of a version yourself you have created.

Darcy Louch

Louch uses this song to expose her self inflicted wounds, despite the support of her friends and family she is her worst enemy. Her jazz infused vocals and upbeat backing track could fool you into thinking this was a positive song, which is usually the front we give to people when we are struggling but the lyrics are self explanatory that sometimes being who you are is a constant battle, we may be enough for others but just not for ourselves an dit is about finding faith in our ability and allowing ourselves to be proud of them.

As well as being in her third year of teaching at a special needs secondary school in Barnet she is working hard to release an EP in October which will feature three new tracks- check out my podcast episode with her for exclusives!

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Alvvays make their return with new single Pharmacist


Made up of Molly Rankin (vocals and guitar), Kerri MacLellan (keyboards), Alec O’Hanley (guitars), Abbey Blackwell (bass), and Sheridan Riley (drums), has been making moves in the indie genre since 2011.

2018 proved a successful year for the band after they received a SOCAN Songwriting prize for their song”Dreams Tonite”,at the Juno awards they were nominated as Group of the Year and their second album, Antisocialites, won the Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year.After these accolades the band took a well deserved hiatus before being impeded by the pandemic.

Pharmacist by ALVVAYS

Perhaps it is unfair to pigeonhole this group into the indie genre as their instrumentals bleed into sub-genres as well as incorporating main stream pop/punk elements it is no wonder the success of this band continues despite their absence. Their latest release, Pharmacist is a ballad of unrequited love, trying to get to your destination by following misdirections and working to make peace with it all.If anything this single is closest to shoegazey with its distorted affects, emphasising the disorientation you feel on coming back to a familiar place to find most things have changed.

“…I know you’re back,

I saw your sister at the pharmacy

Picking up, said you had that new love glow…”

Lyrics to Pharmacist.

Blue Rev cover art

The lyrics call out to those of us who have faith we have moved on until we return home and focus more on the people in our peripheral vision than those in front due to the lingering hope that we may see our old love, see if they still hold on to the piece of ourselves we feel we have lost. But it is not because of them we are lost, because we are never really lost, we have merely changed, filled out in places that weren’t there before, read different books and look at different website. We are different and so are they. So even when we travel back home, on the look out for old love if we do find them, we must know they are not the memory we have of them, they are someone new.

Pharmacist has been hailed by fans as a supersonic comeback, tears of joy and revelation flooding down their cheeks. The single is a sneak peak into the bands new album “Blue Rev” which will be released October 7 of this year. It may have been a long wait before we heard them again but my god has it been worth it.

ALVVAYS on Spotify.

Meet Marika Rauscher, award winning Opera singer and Vocal coach.

Marika Rauscher

Being a singer is so much more than having a stable voice. It takes drive, it takes soul searching and sacrifice. Sometimes you have to delay your dreams to be capable of chasing them. Marika was brought up to understand classical training but was exposed to all sorts of music adding to her extensive list of musical experience. But this wasn’t enough for prestigious establishments to recognize her.

After a lot of arduous work doing hours temping and feeling over worked, she would pick up auditions, rehearsing lines in a language she didn’t understand on her lunch break. Rejection pained her, she believed she was good enough, she had the talent she had trained. She then realized she had to make a choice, choose practicality or fantasy. A sacrifice had to be made. She settled on a compromise; she would work until she had enough to afford a year of rent without working. This allowed her to leave the corporate world and focus on her singing, making her fantasy an achievable reality. This mindset has landed her roles singing for the Royal opera house, the Royal Albert hall, and the Barbican.

Marika’s Youtube channel

Her story shows if you have the drive and the patience you can make it. Too many people quit something because they do not feel instantly validated by it. Things take time. If you have a more direct role in your hobby you will make it work for you, you will make yourself work for it. Play the trumpet for an hour a day and at the end of the week play it as though you are trying to teach it to somebody else, sing to yourself in the mirror, record it, sing to your friends get their reactions. Each day expand your comfort zone. It will be hard, there will be struggle but sometimes you have to fight with your demons to dance with the angels.

It was inspiring to speak to her in my podcast episode where Marika shares her story as well as answering your questions and sharing some tips on how to improve your vocal range.

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