Meet After Atlantis, a Metal band from all over the World.

After Atlantis

We’ve all heard of the lost City of Atlantis, once a utopian civilisation brimming with intellectual beings formed in the appearance of God, although idolised had no armour against corruption and greed that which infected the population leading to the collapse and eventual sinking of it’s beauty.

After Atlantis took inspiration from this tale, using their talent to question how civilians would have adapted after losing their home to the depths of the Atlantic. Their song Last Goodbye explores this loss, the anger and frustration of having no belonging.

The band members shared with me what was most rewarding about being in a band. Nick, who plays bass, said” When everything comes together into one cohesive song”, after the hours of studio recordings, editing and collaborating over songwriting sessions to see the final product, to witness people listening to your work is obviously one of the most rewarding aspects of being in a band especially if all members have a “unique style” which accroding to lead guitarist Matt they do.

This is probably because of their eclectic musical influences; Matt for example has been influenced by, flamenco music and the chaotic style of Synester gates which explains why a lot of their music uses flat 5th and other songs echo that of Joey Jordison because of Adam’s, the drummer,musical background.

Despite only forming in October 2020 the band have already released two singles, Last Goodbye and All that we say so it is intriuging to see where else this band will go in the near future. Due to social media many aspring muscian this access to the msuic industry is simple if they can sing, scream or strum some chords yet it’s so much more challening than this which can be offputting that is why I asked the band members to share their advice vocalist Jack said  “Don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone it’s the only way you can grow as a musician. And learn to take criticism cause not everyone will like what you do” …

…and that is perfectley fine because others will as long as you “Enjoy the grind, embrace it and become obsessed with it. Work hard, party harder. “according to Matt which is seconded by Nick who says Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and keep on trying, even if it doesn’t go the way you want it to”

As long as you “just have fun with it, you’ll find out you can do more & write better stuff when you don’t take it too seriously” shared Adam. Music is for the people, including and almost especially, for those writing and producing it. 

Interestingly all members are from different countries proving that when music matters distance doesn’t and we can untie through sound wherever we are.