Scarfgate- Taylor Swift Explains

A new love does not want to stop, you drive through those red lights to the speed of your heart, this is a new life a new start. It’s late nights, long drives, expensive phone bills and a healthy amount of thrill. It’s candlelights and Friday nights, its smudged lipstick and painted nails, new aftershave and freshly ironed suit. It’s the nerves that bubble like champagne in a glass that you awkwardly cheers to in the hope that this will last. But soon those candles burn out, it’s the fridge light you’re dancing too, its cold and unnatural, naked in its embrace. The stifling grip of realisation pokes at your goosebump makes you think, perhaps there is some importance to a stop light.

I am of course referencing All Too Well. A short film, a directorial debut from our talented Taylor Swift. It is known this pieces reflects on the relationship Swift shared with Jake Gylenhall when she was just nineteen whereas he was 28. While fans will be aware that this scarf is quite literal, seen frequently worn by Taylor during this time, it is now a poetic piece too, representing a metaphor.

All Too Well Taylor Swift

At the Toronto International Film Festival the singer said “it’s basically a metaphor” but refrained from elaborating.

Red scarfs have been synonymous with revolutions and protest. They are also worn to provide comfort through the cold and then as a style item. Thus it could be deuced that she felt she was merely an accessory to Gylenhall, something to accessorise his outfit, his reputation with. For her this love she once shared provided great warmth, comfort a symbol of protection and care that soon become stifling, too tight to restrictive- this possession once a gift became an anchor, a restraint keeping her to him. In this film and it’s accompanying song she takes back the scarf, it symbolises her story of breaking free, the torment of heartbreak letting go and letting it be.

This of course is all unconfirmed, so what do you think the scarf could mean? Get in touch! @evolve_music_blog

10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark

Instead of running from the tides of time Luke Pritchard has mastered the seven seas with new Kooks release, 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark.

Lead singer Luke has said this release hosts a “major rebirth for the band. It is full of new music for the next generation”, it’s an album that lives for the future whilst acknowledging the past. This set of bangers and ballads have been done differently, especially “Sailing On A Dream”which is the first song to be written as a collaborative effort between all band members. Luke, guitarist Hugh Harris and drummer Alexis Nunez have created a psychedelic rhythm which transports a listener to an active state of sedation in which we explore our inner psyche whilst remaining aware of who we are and what we are dealing with. The light-hearted lyrics help lift us from these states, making us more aware of our realities making our realities more , the absurdity of the everyday becomes more apparent as we are faced with scenarios in which our loved ones weep into bright fruits and obsess over pointed shoes.

With the birth of Pritchard’s son, Julian, he has become more aware of his own reality and the situation the next generation may be left with.The singer has previously mentioned he would trust AI with governing humanity over any politician.His song ‘Cold Heart’ features a children’s choir from the Pauline Quirke Academy as well as including the next generation this song exposes our inner child, the naivety and hope we once had toward one another now suffocated, left struggling for air deep within , this song pays homage to the pilgrimage of compassion. The song and the inclusion of the choir demonstrates that music is for all of us but ultimately that the Kooks may be moving on; Pritchard has said “Hopefully, by the time Julian is 18 we’ll have got out of his way”, leaving space for the next mile of musicians.

The song further reflects the impact of the previous three years on a person.From the optimism of the end of 2019 going into a hopeful new year to the utter shock of diving into warm bath at the end of a hard working week only to be scalded, you leave it to cool for a while to come back dip an arm in to find your skin littered with goosebumps, the doom and exhaustion that defined 2020, only to move into the slow lull of 2021 and eventually the current crisis in 2022, the war, the fuel, the cost of being alive.

Of course we always had hope, we had each other in a time defined by division, restrictive laws and unjustified exiles to inhumane places, we overcame by uniting, finding the shrill shrieks of the many and challenging them with whispers, people will always rise for their rights. We can shift statues, we change stubborn laws just as the Kooks can embrace change after two decades of a distinctive sound.

The song Oasis pays homage to the escapism that love offered some of us through these times. Whether its our first one, married love, new love, this song speaks to us who still feel disbelief when we glimpse at our partner. Still dazzled by simple things like the length of their eyelashes, the way their tongue trips over certain letters and how they sound in the shower. It is the way this person makes us feel that makes us love them so, this stranger’s soul saved us from ourselves, allowed us to remedy our insecurities and achieve our desired realities. This individual becomes a superhero just by being who they are.

Think success will make you any less insecure, an accolade is not always a guaranteed reassure, this is discussed in Without A Doubt in which Luke exposes his imposter syndrome. This drive to be someone else, looking for the way of strangers to escape ourselves.Perhaps it is success we strive for, this unachievable ever moving margin of improvement, a gold sticker to a gold necklace, all trinkets and trophies, a trifle we’ll take a slither from before seeing it as too small, too sour, just not enough. There will always be something more we can do to gain success to guarantee you’ll impress, but it is love that assures us we have done enough, that we are worthy of warmth from another. That is what this song is about, you may feel uncomfortable with yourself but you will find someone who is comfortable with you and that will be enough to get you through.

You can catch them on tour and experience this new generation sound for yourselves here.

Be Part of The Band with The 1975

Naked, vulnerable and self aware, the 1975 expose their inner psyche in new song “Part of the band”

The 1975

With frontman Matt Healey deep into his sobriety after receiving equine therapy in Barbados it appears he has more of an insight into himself and what it is to be a member of a band.The drugs, the success, the sacrifice. The lyrics nod to his embarrassment with his few relapses with heroin “So many cringes in the heroin binges, I was coming off the hinges”.

The relationship one has with others when the are at war with themselves is usually a toxic one. The lyrics “And I fell in love with a boy, it was kinda lame I was Rimbaud and he was Paul Verlaine” are interpretational. It both nods to Healey’s experience ‘kissing beautiful men’ and thus the slight fluidity in his sexuality but also to the turbulent relationships he has with the band and himself. There is an abundance of fierce and feral love in our lives.It is difficult to navigate certain scenarios when we dress them the way we want them to look and when we can’t dress them but can’t leave some may cope by turning to substance abuse.

Part of the band- The 1975 music video

The coercive relationship between doing what we love and doing what we need can leave us in agony. When we haven’t quite made it to where we want to be and we are forced to take the route in the opposite direction, its as though our limbs are torn from us and we are left to get on with it. We have to do the expected or be extraordinary, how do you become extraordinary if you have to do as you’re told?

The 1975

The single is both satirical and personal, exposing the politics in people’s lives. Who’s is to say what is wrong or what is right? Just because someone is telling you what to do does not mean it is what you should do. It is easy to be offended by individualism when we do not agree with it. If someone acts or looks defy what we have already worked to understand we defy their identity, their ideals. We have to self reflect, we have to be better, not to be “woke” or to avoid being cancelled, but because it is best for humanity when we work to understand one another.

The final line of “Part of the band” is cutting. It will resonate with those who have suffered an addiction whether this be to a substance or to a person. It reassures us that things take time, that there is a both a daily struggle and nightly joy when yet another moon has gone by and you have not sent a text or injected, smoked, snorted or drank. You have breathed clean air, you have reflected, you have screamed and you have sang and you will survive tomorrow. And in Healey’s words ” it’s just not cool to be a heroin addict, is it? [Young people] don’t look up to junkies. I don’t look up to junkies”.

If you or anyone you know needs help ending drug use please consult these websites or speak to a health professional. In an emergency call 999.