Meet Hilla Peer,a talented singer from Israel

Her debut album Free explores themes of liberation, celebration and change.

Hilla Peer taken by Elad Peer

The first song on the album, Control is ironically about letting go, being free from inner anchors and outer entrapments. Allowing yourself to take risks and live lighter. Throughout challenging times it seems many of us face the disorientating decision of whether to take control over everything or just to let it go, accept that the world does not adhere to our rules. Embracing uncertanty is daunting but once immersed we learn how to swim in deep water, this is beautifully explored by Hilla.

Control Hilla Peer

Hilla describes her sound as “pop with a soul touch”. This is most prominent in her sultry ballad ‘No one’. It’s jazz undertones and her rich voice makes this song the perfect tune to unwind to.

Her music is for everyone and she dreams to perform live one day. Her voice is evocative of a speak easy singer, a lisenter becomes entranced.This is because she “invests a lot of time into [her] music”. She is still working on her guitar skills in preparation for any potential live opportunities.

Her words to live by, love, freedom and letting go filter through to her music.

Listen to the full album here.