The Car by Arctic Monkeys

Reviewing the Journey so far…

Departures and different destinations.Life is a car journey where you are rarely in the driver’s seat.

Zachary Mills

In this journey the Monkeys seem to have descended from their missions in space, descending into reality and shattering into a thousand,shimmering pieces. Less of the baltic, sweeping jazz but more of a cinematic ballad, evaporating angst and a melody that makes falling into the arms of desperation an acceptable journey.

From dances under a mirrorball to the heartbreak of the last call the arctic monkeys latest single surprises audiences with a revolutionary new tone from this four piece. We’v had their poetic punk in AM, the nostalgia of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, now we have a soundscape into Alex Turner’s, the frontman, melancholic mindset, epitomised in their new single There’d better be a mirrorball.

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The single is slow, the rate of pacing footsteps waiting outside a front door wanting to knock but not wanting an answer,. Its narrator distorts and disorients a listener, adding mystery to this misery, we are left wondering who indeed the heartbroken is, perhaps Turner feels both voices, the silent and the singer, feel a snap, a need to have their love back but a knowing that this decision would make them both under attack. The sedated march to the car is steady as a deliberate attempt to delay departure, this reluctance to let go of comfort and push yourself outside is a heartbreak we can all relate to.

But sometimes you have to realise “For the moment whеn you look them in the eyеs
And say, “Baby, it’s been nice” ending this stagnation will lead to future celebrations.

Previous Arctic Monkeys songs were bops and anthem bangers this single is stripped down, skeletal in formation, there is more structure, more complexities fattened only by it’s potential and possibilities. This mystery and intrigue is why the seventh album, The Car, is bound to be a success.

Arctic Monkeys live (Credit: Medios y Media/Getty Images)

The first track on this album I Aint Quite Where I think I am was debuted live at the Zurich Open-air festival in Switzerland. This track more closely echoes the upbeat, absurdist suave of Tranquilly base hotel and casino with punchy chords and witty lyricism it stunned crowds and promises fans of an exciting new voyage. The Car drops October 21st.