Che Lingo

From open mic nights to being signed by Idris Elba, Che’s most recent success sees him covers Radio GaGa for Roger Taylor.

Che Lingo

South London based rapper gained momentum up the mountain of the music industry after the success of his 2018 EP ,Charisma in which he explores themes of vulnerability, fragile masculinity and the impact of misrepresentation, using his talent to explore the fluid nature of black culture. The seven song story incorporates elements of jazz, hip-hop and 90s soul.

Same energy, featured in this EP, was also used on Netflix’s Top Boy. The use of the song in the crime series, written by Ronan Bennet, lead Che to be discovered and signed by Idris Elba’s record label 7wallace..

Before this well deserved recognition ,his skills were enriched by experiences at youth clubs. These spaces allowed him to expand his understanding of music and the freedom to create without the fear of being scrutinised or navigated to a dead end. His appreciation for eclectic sounds allowed him to cultivate his own distinctive voice with the reassuring edge that echoes others before, making Che’s music a distinctive blend of familiar favourites as well as his own voice.

This is most boldly felt in his single My block which explores injustice toward black people.Lingo describes it as being “about making what you have work for you and being proud of where you’re from, even when you think that might work against you for where you want to be. It’s about walking through adversity with faith and believing you are deserved.”

Although this platform is hosted to support rising musicians and review talent it is also important to publish the failings of our so called justice system. This song was orignialy written for Che’s friend Julian Cole, a sports science student and semi-professional footballer who was left paralysed and brain damaged after being arrested outside a nightclub in Bedford in 2013.Instead of being rushed to hospital Cole was taken to a police station. Officers only relaised he was unresponsive whilst in the back of the van losing crucial time before an ambulance was called.

It was only fitting then that the song became an unintentional anthem for Black Lives matters protests in 2020. These movements, this re-education, this support for black lives and black identity is still very much necessary.

Despite making up just 3% of the British population black people make up 8% of those killed in police custody. The most recent was Chris Kaba who was shot by a yet to be named  specialist firearms officer. Kaba ,who was expecting a daughter, was a rapper in drill group 67.It is important that talent is recognised and raised regardless of race, age, gender or class and that violence toward one another is ended.

Do your part and sign this to make a change and be the difference.

MTV original

Che’s most recent success saw him covering Radio Gaga for Roger Taylor in Abbey Road studios. Challenged with the task of recreating one of the most iconic queen songs in just a day most musicians may be petrubed by the pressure but che flourished. Taking inspiration from the pain of losing his Grandma Monica he sang about how he guided her through his youth.

Che’s intellect, experiences of love and loss make for really powerful wordplay giving radio Gaga a new type of magic for the younger generation to befriend in their teenage nights.

Lingo said he was in awe of Taylor, who had written the original Radio Gaga.Taylor seemed to share the same admiration for Lingo, describing him as a fascinating artist who is deeply committed.

With all this and his song Eyes on the prize featuring in Fifa 2022 his instagram bio will no longer need to tell people how to pronounce his name (It’s Shay) for he will just be known.

Scarfgate- Taylor Swift Explains

A new love does not want to stop, you drive through those red lights to the speed of your heart, this is a new life a new start. It’s late nights, long drives, expensive phone bills and a healthy amount of thrill. It’s candlelights and Friday nights, its smudged lipstick and painted nails, new aftershave and freshly ironed suit. It’s the nerves that bubble like champagne in a glass that you awkwardly cheers to in the hope that this will last. But soon those candles burn out, it’s the fridge light you’re dancing too, its cold and unnatural, naked in its embrace. The stifling grip of realisation pokes at your goosebump makes you think, perhaps there is some importance to a stop light.

I am of course referencing All Too Well. A short film, a directorial debut from our talented Taylor Swift. It is known this pieces reflects on the relationship Swift shared with Jake Gylenhall when she was just nineteen whereas he was 28. While fans will be aware that this scarf is quite literal, seen frequently worn by Taylor during this time, it is now a poetic piece too, representing a metaphor.

All Too Well Taylor Swift

At the Toronto International Film Festival the singer said “it’s basically a metaphor” but refrained from elaborating.

Red scarfs have been synonymous with revolutions and protest. They are also worn to provide comfort through the cold and then as a style item. Thus it could be deuced that she felt she was merely an accessory to Gylenhall, something to accessorise his outfit, his reputation with. For her this love she once shared provided great warmth, comfort a symbol of protection and care that soon become stifling, too tight to restrictive- this possession once a gift became an anchor, a restraint keeping her to him. In this film and it’s accompanying song she takes back the scarf, it symbolises her story of breaking free, the torment of heartbreak letting go and letting it be.

This of course is all unconfirmed, so what do you think the scarf could mean? Get in touch! @evolve_music_blog

The Car by Arctic Monkeys

Reviewing the Journey so far…

Departures and different destinations.Life is a car journey where you are rarely in the driver’s seat.

Zachary Mills

In this journey the Monkeys seem to have descended from their missions in space, descending into reality and shattering into a thousand,shimmering pieces. Less of the baltic, sweeping jazz but more of a cinematic ballad, evaporating angst and a melody that makes falling into the arms of desperation an acceptable journey.

From dances under a mirrorball to the heartbreak of the last call the arctic monkeys latest single surprises audiences with a revolutionary new tone from this four piece. We’v had their poetic punk in AM, the nostalgia of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, now we have a soundscape into Alex Turner’s, the frontman, melancholic mindset, epitomised in their new single There’d better be a mirrorball.

Music Video

The single is slow, the rate of pacing footsteps waiting outside a front door wanting to knock but not wanting an answer,. Its narrator distorts and disorients a listener, adding mystery to this misery, we are left wondering who indeed the heartbroken is, perhaps Turner feels both voices, the silent and the singer, feel a snap, a need to have their love back but a knowing that this decision would make them both under attack. The sedated march to the car is steady as a deliberate attempt to delay departure, this reluctance to let go of comfort and push yourself outside is a heartbreak we can all relate to.

But sometimes you have to realise “For the moment whеn you look them in the eyеs
And say, “Baby, it’s been nice” ending this stagnation will lead to future celebrations.

Previous Arctic Monkeys songs were bops and anthem bangers this single is stripped down, skeletal in formation, there is more structure, more complexities fattened only by it’s potential and possibilities. This mystery and intrigue is why the seventh album, The Car, is bound to be a success.

Arctic Monkeys live (Credit: Medios y Media/Getty Images)

The first track on this album I Aint Quite Where I think I am was debuted live at the Zurich Open-air festival in Switzerland. This track more closely echoes the upbeat, absurdist suave of Tranquilly base hotel and casino with punchy chords and witty lyricism it stunned crowds and promises fans of an exciting new voyage. The Car drops October 21st.