Meet Current Climate, a three piece indie band based in Lincoln

Current Climate by Anna Belletty

Proving that prescient times call for songwriting Current Climate manages to translate pressing matters into conversational tones that inspire dance and discussion.

Formed in 2019 by vocalist and bassist Jacob Ainsworth, guitarist Reece Bulleyment and drummer Lewis Morely Current Climate have released a range of demos on SoundCloud, been featured on radio shows such as BBC Introducing and have recently released a new single titled “What About You?” which Jacob spoke to me about,

The song loosely resembles the likes of Inhaler and Joy division but with the classic Current Climate conversation. For me the song speaks of being caught in the middle of someone that can’t make their mind up, someone turning love into a brutal competition. Interestingly the band aren’t just inspired by other indie artists as Jacob explained to me that there are a few lines inspired by football legend “George Best” give the song a listen to hear for yourself.

“What About You” is currently the track that Jacob is most proud of as it allowed him to finally achieve “a balance between simplicity and detail’ one which has long been ‘sought after’. When lyrics are seemingly light yet contrasted with a hard hitting guitar riff and drum hit, the songs impact is just a bit more lasting.

Current Climate’s latest single

A demo of theirs I most resonate with was “Black Coffee”, a song Jacob has described as being about “Coping with change”. Music, like coffee, can stimulate the mind, it lifts you from your bed, gives you that energy to fathom resilience in the face of another daily struggle. We sip sounds, swallow our struggles and conquer each day, I for one could not do it without a cup, or three. It is this sort of songwriting, the kind that leaves a taste in your mouth after, that we need to keep listening to, the kind that change thrives upon in order to see a difference in our Current Climate.

Black Coffee

Challenges and hurdles have constantly been thrown in the way of the band. Like the rest of us 2020 had been a tiring and terse time, 2021 and it’s ease of restrictions acted as a palette cleanser especially with gigs returning and venues reopening Current Climate were eager for the new year. Yet with their lead singer Jacob contracting COVID 19 just days before their first gig back, supported by Mary’s dream and Serena joy, this relief was not quite achievable. Yet hope prevails and their gig later this month, at the Akedo Gaming Bar in Lincoln on 20th of August ,has sold out.