Meet Sophie Browne, a musician from Lincolnshire

Reflect. Take time to ponder previous occasions and future potential. Take time to consider this form in glass in front of us, do we see ourselves or do we see what everyone else assumes of us? It’s a struggle, our fight to obtain/maintain a certain identity. Recently we have all been stuck with ourselves, confronted with who we actually are rather than who we want to be. It is up to us whether to accept who we are or fight for that potential.


Insecure, Sophie’s latest single explores concepts such as these, feeling overwhelmed, powerless and trying to succeed despite both external and internal conflict. This song demonstrates Sophie’s strength as a songwriter, how her lyrics have evolved since her debut song, Runaway.


Ironically Sophie’s own insecurities inspired her to write these songs. Hiding her talent in notebooks, writing up to 30 songs before showing them to some close friends, Tom and Charlotte, who helped her transform aforementioned Runaway into a pop synth track, after initially being a piano ballad about summer love and finding connections.

She shared that ‘Runaway’ was her hardest to release as it ‘”was her first” and she “didn’t realise what [she] was doing and there was a lot of pressure surrounding the response of listeners’


A song that has always stuck with Sophie is ‘Make you feel my love’y Adele but whilst driving she listens to This Is by Jessie Reyez. Sophie has said that “Blasting her work in the car after a rubbish day at work and belting the lyrics out are like a form of therapy’

Sophie Ann Browne

As well as producing music Sophie makes professional cakes and works in the wine industry. For those readers of legal age in your country Sophie recommends “a full bodied but smooth red wine. Perhaps a Primitive from Puglia. It would compliment the song nicely”. Please drink responsibly

Finding her passion at the age of 13 Sophie has now featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, has two singles out and is working on more music, so best head to her Spotify and stick around.