Meet Chloey Rose, a singer songwriter from Lincolnshire.

Chloey Rose

Chloey’s latest single Butterfly teaches us that no matter your start in life you can become who you were always meant to be. A cocoon may be a difficult space, it’s dark, suffocating and lonely but from it is born greatness, after all is it what we make of the darkness that defines us.

The song is about embracing yourself and flying despite your flaws. On my podcast episode with Chloey she said “Each butterfly has different wings but all are beautiful”, a postive sentiment toward self image but it’s more than that she continued to say the song was “about never giving up, we all have to go through our caterpillar stage to find our wings”

Butterfly ,which was a collabortive effort from Chloey and Harry David, also serves as a milestone in Chloey’s evolution as a music artist after releasing her single Golden dreams secured a promising step to fame reaching 14,000 views on BBC radio Lincolsnhire’s page, it is no suprise that her songs have won her awards including Best Original song and Most Talented Songwriter.

The music video for Butterfly is very etheral with a bohemian atmosphere the song allows you to feel reborn, a new sense of self and purpose. Escape from what other people are telling you to be to find your own narrative.

Butterfly msuic video released November 6th
Chloey Rose

Chloey continues to amaze her audience, she shared with me that it took her just three weeks to write two songs the one which is soon to be released in time for the festive season and the other, titled Hopes And Dreams should see us in to January of 2022.

For many of us the central image of christmas is the tree, by a roaring log fireplace with mug of hot chocolate, board game pieces scattered on the floor as the Queen’s speech plays in the background, but there is one key piece of this christmas scene whcih is usually overlooked. The importance of the dinner table and not just the food on it but the people around it. Our families passing the cranberry sauce, squabbling over the last roast potato and coming togther for the turkey wish bone. The Christmas kitchen, being with family, served as a big inspiration for Chloey’s up coming Chirstmas Single.

The song also knods at previous christmas classics making it a refreshing take on familar themes, the nostaliga that we love about chirstmas is definitely felt throughout the tune whether we are on our drive home or gathering round the tree it is sure to be that this tune will be playing.

Listen to it here whilst you’re wrapping your presents.

On my podcast episode with Chloey things get deep and personal but the bubbly nature of her personality allowed us to discuss certain topics such as the loss of a friend, poetry and allowing yourself to be who you are whilst remaining respectful we were light hearted leaving us both postive afterward, have a listen to see if you feel the same.

Chloey Rose

Her music has been described as “magical and mysterious” With her recent singles, Sky Is Falling and Hearts On The Line both being named “Song of the week” By BBC radio Lincolnshire.

Listen for yourself and see why

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