Meet Pylons, an indie band formed in Lincoln

The Pylons

We’ve all felt the clutches of an existential crisis at times in our lives, the world constantly moving whilst we are frantically trying to free ourselves from inertia. The Pylons challenge the abject cynicism of the new millennia through experimental sounds, moving ballads and comic yet poignant music videos.

Initially formed in the friendship’s founded at the Will Farr school, in their hometown of Lincoln, the band are now made up of Joe on the keyboard and trumpet, Alex the lead guitarist, Joey on drums, Jacob the bassist, Barny the live sound engineer and co songwriter and finally Crosby the singer and rhythm guitarist who shared what it’s like being in an up and coming indie band with me.

After releasing their debut single ‘creatures’ in 2018 their success took them to performing at a few small live gigs which eventually lead them to gain exposure from BBC radio one and RADIO 6 which secured them a place performing at both Ynot and then Glastonbury. Their latest work continues to evolve, exploring different sounds and expressing all the emotions that make us human.

Crosby shared with me what was most rewarding as a band; ‘A band is a creative outlet to release frustration, anger, sadness, joy. It is an expression of what it means to be human. It’s the playing live that is the most rewarding facet of a band, if you could only bottle the adrenaline and serotonin that comes with it to save it for a rainy day’.

With their sound being experimental it is difficult to pigeonhole the group to a specific genre. With different life stories and eclectic music taste the music they produce is experimental, but can loosely be defined as indie rock with splashes of pop that sometimes ventures into grunge and electronic rhythm’s. Their music is an act of defiance not conforming to status quo and challenging their listeners to do the same.

Their exuberant latest single ‘The Chase’, captures the capricious nature of life and the perspectives we have. It is about finding solace in the uncertainty of life. That living in itself is an art form, embracing the abyss and understanding why Sisyphus finds joy in the monotony of his boulder push. It truly captures the notion of feeling behind and constantly exerting yourself to catch up and it’s all captured in a tongue and cheek music video which you should check out now.

Their ability to switch from thought provoking ballads to amplified grunge infused anthems in the space of a few tracks yet maintaining a distinctive cohesiveness that makes them instantly recognisable just demonstrates the abundance of talent this band has which comes as no surprise as the band owns over 25 instruments including a didgeridoo, a small violin and a mandolin.

Initially based in Lincoln the band fledged to London more recently which has tested their friendship and the dynamic of the band only to pull them closer together, it’s probably down to their marinara recipe which they claim is the best in North West London.

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