Meet Marika Rauscher, award winning Opera singer and Vocal coach.

Marika Rauscher

Being a singer is so much more than having a stable voice. It takes drive, it takes soul searching and sacrifice. Sometimes you have to delay your dreams to be capable of chasing them. Marika was brought up to understand classical training but was exposed to all sorts of music adding to her extensive list of musical experience. But this wasn’t enough for prestigious establishments to recognize her.

After a lot of arduous work doing hours temping and feeling over worked, she would pick up auditions, rehearsing lines in a language she didn’t understand on her lunch break. Rejection pained her, she believed she was good enough, she had the talent she had trained. She then realized she had to make a choice, choose practicality or fantasy. A sacrifice had to be made. She settled on a compromise; she would work until she had enough to afford a year of rent without working. This allowed her to leave the corporate world and focus on her singing, making her fantasy an achievable reality. This mindset has landed her roles singing for the Royal opera house, the Royal Albert hall, and the Barbican.

Marika’s Youtube channel

Her story shows if you have the drive and the patience you can make it. Too many people quit something because they do not feel instantly validated by it. Things take time. If you have a more direct role in your hobby you will make it work for you, you will make yourself work for it. Play the trumpet for an hour a day and at the end of the week play it as though you are trying to teach it to somebody else, sing to yourself in the mirror, record it, sing to your friends get their reactions. Each day expand your comfort zone. It will be hard, there will be struggle but sometimes you have to fight with your demons to dance with the angels.

It was inspiring to speak to her in my podcast episode where Marika shares her story as well as answering your questions and sharing some tips on how to improve your vocal range.

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