Meet Darcy Louch

A cardboard cut out shaped into a square, sat on the dining room table surrounded by chairs. A friend or a few come over, or it’s a family night either way it’s all eyes on the prize. We are both united but divided, as the dice rolls and the timer ticket’s anyones win.But it’s also a task a mystery solved together, a property shared. In Darcy’s song Love game the game is over for the female protagonist has already won.

Darcy Louch

Swiping right, swiping left, she is in control of who she lets into her life, she enjoys the contest but refuses to be a conquest. With the card’s on the table it’s anyones bet just as long as the Queen doesn’t demand off with his head.

The dramatic dynamics that Darcy explores in Love game may resonate with those of us who have been in relationships in which our partner is gambling with our emotions, how many bets will they place before tears fall from our face and we pack up our things and leave this place?. The power and immaturity that comes with mind games is wittily explored in this romantic tale of fiction in which no voice can be trusted.Her female powerhouse influences are definitely imbued throughout this song, with echoes of Amy Winehouse and Etta James this piece is a striking performance from Louch.

Louch put this compelling piece together using only Acrobat and Garage band, a completely different formula to the production of her other song worst enemy which was professionally produced in a studio.

Worst enemy

Worst enemy explores the battle of cognitive dissonance, this sinister shallow of self doubt rising through you spine and slowly swallowing your soul as you work your hardest to reach your goals. You know you’re capable but you are worried you’ll fail, you’ll fall just as you reach to get it all. What if the person you’ve worked hard to be isn’t the best person you could be? What do you do when yourself becomes too much for you to handle? All of your energy goes into defeating this ficitious villainous version of a version yourself you have created.

Darcy Louch

Louch uses this song to expose her self inflicted wounds, despite the support of her friends and family she is her worst enemy. Her jazz infused vocals and upbeat backing track could fool you into thinking this was a positive song, which is usually the front we give to people when we are struggling but the lyrics are self explanatory that sometimes being who you are is a constant battle, we may be enough for others but just not for ourselves an dit is about finding faith in our ability and allowing ourselves to be proud of them.

As well as being in her third year of teaching at a special needs secondary school in Barnet she is working hard to release an EP in October which will feature three new tracks- check out my podcast episode with her for exclusives!

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Che Lingo

From open mic nights to being signed by Idris Elba, Che’s most recent success sees him covers Radio GaGa for Roger Taylor.

Che Lingo

South London based rapper gained momentum up the mountain of the music industry after the success of his 2018 EP ,Charisma in which he explores themes of vulnerability, fragile masculinity and the impact of misrepresentation, using his talent to explore the fluid nature of black culture. The seven song story incorporates elements of jazz, hip-hop and 90s soul.

Same energy, featured in this EP, was also used on Netflix’s Top Boy. The use of the song in the crime series, written by Ronan Bennet, lead Che to be discovered and signed by Idris Elba’s record label 7wallace..

Before this well deserved recognition ,his skills were enriched by experiences at youth clubs. These spaces allowed him to expand his understanding of music and the freedom to create without the fear of being scrutinised or navigated to a dead end. His appreciation for eclectic sounds allowed him to cultivate his own distinctive voice with the reassuring edge that echoes others before, making Che’s music a distinctive blend of familiar favourites as well as his own voice.

This is most boldly felt in his single My block which explores injustice toward black people.Lingo describes it as being “about making what you have work for you and being proud of where you’re from, even when you think that might work against you for where you want to be. It’s about walking through adversity with faith and believing you are deserved.”

Although this platform is hosted to support rising musicians and review talent it is also important to publish the failings of our so called justice system. This song was orignialy written for Che’s friend Julian Cole, a sports science student and semi-professional footballer who was left paralysed and brain damaged after being arrested outside a nightclub in Bedford in 2013.Instead of being rushed to hospital Cole was taken to a police station. Officers only relaised he was unresponsive whilst in the back of the van losing crucial time before an ambulance was called.

It was only fitting then that the song became an unintentional anthem for Black Lives matters protests in 2020. These movements, this re-education, this support for black lives and black identity is still very much necessary.

Despite making up just 3% of the British population black people make up 8% of those killed in police custody. The most recent was Chris Kaba who was shot by a yet to be named  specialist firearms officer. Kaba ,who was expecting a daughter, was a rapper in drill group 67.It is important that talent is recognised and raised regardless of race, age, gender or class and that violence toward one another is ended.

Do your part and sign this to make a change and be the difference.

MTV original

Che’s most recent success saw him covering Radio Gaga for Roger Taylor in Abbey Road studios. Challenged with the task of recreating one of the most iconic queen songs in just a day most musicians may be petrubed by the pressure but che flourished. Taking inspiration from the pain of losing his Grandma Monica he sang about how he guided her through his youth.

Che’s intellect, experiences of love and loss make for really powerful wordplay giving radio Gaga a new type of magic for the younger generation to befriend in their teenage nights.

Lingo said he was in awe of Taylor, who had written the original Radio Gaga.Taylor seemed to share the same admiration for Lingo, describing him as a fascinating artist who is deeply committed.

With all this and his song Eyes on the prize featuring in Fifa 2022 his instagram bio will no longer need to tell people how to pronounce his name (It’s Shay) for he will just be known.

The Queen

Thursday the 8th of September the world was brought to a standstill as the sad news of her majesty passing was announced. With over 70 years of services and patron to 600 charities The Queen has certainly left a lasting impact on all facets of society, even the music industry.

Not only did she have two honorary degrees in Music; a Bachelor of Music (BMus) from the University of London and a Doctor of Music (DMus) from the University of Wales she also learned how to play piano at the age of 11- readers may remember the elaborate grand gold piano featuring in her 2018 annual address to the Nation.

Her reported favourite pieces of music are listed below.

  • Oklahoma! by Howard Keel
  • Anything You Can Do (Annie Get Your Gun) by Dolores Gray and Bill Johnson
  • Sing by Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band featuring the Military Wives
  • Cheek to Cheek by Fred Astaire
  • The White Cliffs Of Dover by Vera Lynn
  • Leaning on a Lamp-post by George Formby
  • Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven (hymn)
  • The Lord is My Shepherd (hymn)
  • Lester Lanin Medley
  • Regimental March Milanollo

She is known to have regularly awarded musicians with certain accolades giving out OBE to Kylie Minogues, Annie Lennox and Victoria Beckham. As well as granting knighthoods to Paul McCartney, Elton John and Mick Jagger who ,according to her cousin Elizabeth, she could have rivalled the moves off as “She was a fantastic dancer with great rhythm.”

Her love for music is evidence by her support for keeping music venues alive and open most, notably the Queen Elizabeth Hall at London’s Southbank which she opened in March 1967 is named for her.

She also challenged tradition when in 2014 she appointed Judith Weir, to be the master of the Queen’s music- a position which since 1625 has been held by a man. In 2007 Weir had been awarded the Queen’s medal for music, an accolade introduced by the monarch in 2005.

It was a medal to be presented annually to an outstanding individual or group of musicians who have had a major influence on the musical life of the nation. The introduction of this award also saw a new Music Committee, established to award eligible musicians.The first recipient of The Queen’s Music Medal was conductor Sir Charles Mackerras.

This passion for music is very human, this drive to show support and praise for those that pursue their talent and find their way, demonstrates how similar she was to us. Whatever your standing is, it is undeniably a sad and sombre time in Britain and Worldwide and my thoughts are with her family, my faith with his majesty King Charles.

Scarfgate- Taylor Swift Explains

A new love does not want to stop, you drive through those red lights to the speed of your heart, this is a new life a new start. It’s late nights, long drives, expensive phone bills and a healthy amount of thrill. It’s candlelights and Friday nights, its smudged lipstick and painted nails, new aftershave and freshly ironed suit. It’s the nerves that bubble like champagne in a glass that you awkwardly cheers to in the hope that this will last. But soon those candles burn out, it’s the fridge light you’re dancing too, its cold and unnatural, naked in its embrace. The stifling grip of realisation pokes at your goosebump makes you think, perhaps there is some importance to a stop light.

I am of course referencing All Too Well. A short film, a directorial debut from our talented Taylor Swift. It is known this pieces reflects on the relationship Swift shared with Jake Gylenhall when she was just nineteen whereas he was 28. While fans will be aware that this scarf is quite literal, seen frequently worn by Taylor during this time, it is now a poetic piece too, representing a metaphor.

All Too Well Taylor Swift

At the Toronto International Film Festival the singer said “it’s basically a metaphor” but refrained from elaborating.

Red scarfs have been synonymous with revolutions and protest. They are also worn to provide comfort through the cold and then as a style item. Thus it could be deuced that she felt she was merely an accessory to Gylenhall, something to accessorise his outfit, his reputation with. For her this love she once shared provided great warmth, comfort a symbol of protection and care that soon become stifling, too tight to restrictive- this possession once a gift became an anchor, a restraint keeping her to him. In this film and it’s accompanying song she takes back the scarf, it symbolises her story of breaking free, the torment of heartbreak letting go and letting it be.

This of course is all unconfirmed, so what do you think the scarf could mean? Get in touch! @evolve_music_blog

The Car by Arctic Monkeys

Reviewing the Journey so far…

Departures and different destinations.Life is a car journey where you are rarely in the driver’s seat.

Zachary Mills

In this journey the Monkeys seem to have descended from their missions in space, descending into reality and shattering into a thousand,shimmering pieces. Less of the baltic, sweeping jazz but more of a cinematic ballad, evaporating angst and a melody that makes falling into the arms of desperation an acceptable journey.

From dances under a mirrorball to the heartbreak of the last call the arctic monkeys latest single surprises audiences with a revolutionary new tone from this four piece. We’v had their poetic punk in AM, the nostalgia of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, now we have a soundscape into Alex Turner’s, the frontman, melancholic mindset, epitomised in their new single There’d better be a mirrorball.

Music Video

The single is slow, the rate of pacing footsteps waiting outside a front door wanting to knock but not wanting an answer,. Its narrator distorts and disorients a listener, adding mystery to this misery, we are left wondering who indeed the heartbroken is, perhaps Turner feels both voices, the silent and the singer, feel a snap, a need to have their love back but a knowing that this decision would make them both under attack. The sedated march to the car is steady as a deliberate attempt to delay departure, this reluctance to let go of comfort and push yourself outside is a heartbreak we can all relate to.

But sometimes you have to realise “For the moment whеn you look them in the eyеs
And say, “Baby, it’s been nice” ending this stagnation will lead to future celebrations.

Previous Arctic Monkeys songs were bops and anthem bangers this single is stripped down, skeletal in formation, there is more structure, more complexities fattened only by it’s potential and possibilities. This mystery and intrigue is why the seventh album, The Car, is bound to be a success.

Arctic Monkeys live (Credit: Medios y Media/Getty Images)

The first track on this album I Aint Quite Where I think I am was debuted live at the Zurich Open-air festival in Switzerland. This track more closely echoes the upbeat, absurdist suave of Tranquilly base hotel and casino with punchy chords and witty lyricism it stunned crowds and promises fans of an exciting new voyage. The Car drops October 21st.

Georgie Hanson releases 2am

Inventing nightmares while you should be dreaming? This song is for you…

Georgie Hanson

Georgie Hanson continuously resonates with those of us struggling with inner turmoil.Her powerful vocals are amplified by the jazz infused instrumentals. The upbeat rhythm contrast the heavy weight of her raw lyrics, reflecting that while many of us may stand strong, smile and get things done, we feel vacant inside. This unfamiliar feeling of dancing through chaos is what Hanson wishes to achieve, she says “I love writing sad songs you can dance too, whether it be about a break up or a quarter life crisis”. This song is all about crisis control when it feels you lack all sense of solidity.

We invent nightmares when we should be sleeping, you’re in an abyss which has no pit, enforced by the dying light of a once promising potential. There is no guarantee in what should be. How can we be guided when we have lost our sense of direction, our chosen path suddenly leads to a dead end and there are no diversions?


The disorientation is beautifully captured in Hanson’s accompanying video to her latest single.Filmed in Glasgow the wide camera angle paired with the desolate streets and darkness reflect the isolation amplified by the vastness of a new place.Hanson worked with Glasgow based cinematographer Stuart Alexander to express how our insecurities isolate us. We feel we are drifting through this chaos watching it all unfold unable to influence the tides, as the waves inside drown us. Songs such as 2am teach us to sail the sea that settles in all of us.

For Georgie this song helped her structure the fluidity that comes with the shock of being 21, the dissonance in feeling you should have your life sorted out by now while knowing you’re still young enough. Barely an adult, yet it feels time is running out to get back on track, to get back to yourself. Hanson, now 25, explained how this song helped her retain a sense of who she was during these tumultuous years…

” I had a huge shock entering my adult years, all my life events went from having minimal responsibility to major.Writing about this experience in 2am allowed me to process the changes that I was faced with, helping me to maintain an overall sense of identity.”

With her infectious melodies and captivating vocals it is no surprise that 2AM has already received radio play from Alister Williams host of ‘That 70’s Radio Show’ leading her to a feature BBC Introducing with Hannah Fletcher. This success continues her path of colourful accolades since her debut single Roads and Paths in 2018 received over 6k streams.

Roads and Paths

It is clear there is a fruitful future for Hanson with 55 monthly listeners on Spotify and an upcoming gig at the Ranby Festival on the 27th of August. Buy tickets here.

Make some noise with Jack Kendrick

Jack Kendrick

Ever wondered why you crave the radio or have a need for your favourite song at certain times in the day? Music engages the neocortex of the brain triggering a sense of calm achieved through increased dopamine levels. This can lead to a euphoric sensation, ultimate happiness, usually achieved in the arms of others at a festival or while running at a 125bpm, or as a catharsis outlet. Had a rough week at work? Fallen out with a friend, stubbed a toe, dropped a pen, struggling with your sense of self? Switch up the sound, scream, cry, shout.

Jack Kendrick is a shouter, because ” as a lot of musicians know, people you’re playing too don’t particularly care about your problems so sometimes I just make sure I say them loudly so people don’t have a choice but to listen. I shout stories about things I’ve done/experienced and I hope that the few people that do listen can relate and put themselves in my shoes”. 

Jack Kendrick

Jack shares himself in his sings in hope that as well as understanding themselves the audience will understand him too. This is especially in his more personal releases such as “Favourite Lie” and “My Bones”. Both are very raw and authentic, the sound of Jack’s soul, sticking close to the first drafts lyrically and allowing a telescope into Jack’s mentality, if you’re in need of knowing how these songs go you’ll have to attend one of Jack’s shows as they’re not yet released.

His most recent release, Untold truths, came about because Jack was compared to Frank Turner, Corey Taylor, and Gary Lightbody  and who he had seen as inspirations, trying to emulate them in his sound before realising he could never be the giants he looked upon but he could be as genuine and authentic as being honest and raw with himself and sticking to that.

Untold Truths by Jack Kendrick

Music also increases memory retention, an audible de ja vu, Jack recalls a particular memory from his days in a band. “Despite playing in a rough Boston pub we played the song “Gay Bar” by Electric Six.As the bassist was singing it we was going around the pub strip teasing the patrons and, at one point, he wrapped his shirt around this mountain of a man. We were terrified for the rest of the gig because the guy just wouldn’t stop staring at us, looked like he wanted to kill us. The set ended and we were trying so hard to pack down as quickly as possible when the mountain walks over and crumbles into laughter saying that no one who’s ever played there has ever even attempted to include the audience like we did and he ended up buying us all drinks and was genuinely a nice person” evidencing music can melt our borders, remove judgement and bring us together.

Confessions Jack Kendrick

Jack is also lead vocalist for Morning Theory band and After Atlantis. Read more about After Atlantis here.

Songs can also improve our immune systems by decreasing stress, boosting self-esteem and boost short term confidence. For Jack, music became a safe space. He started performing for people when he was just 12 , preparing him for his first paid gig at the age of fifteen and he hasn’t looked back since. This ingrained impetus has found him discovered on BBC Introducing as well as being one of their featured artists and having 33 monthly listeners on spotify.

Sail On, Jack Kendrick

The 11 years of giving has helped jack learn to express himself and his emotions when words haven’t been enough. The sound has united him with like-minded people as well as himself. Sometimes music is the greatest communicator, the closest we have to telepathy, the lyrics could be coded or clear, but we all find our own meaning, ourselves in the singing, we become the ones on stage and the musician in the crowd, learning to look up at themselves instead of down, am immersive role reversal which allows listener and listened to, to be understood.

Midland Railway release new song, She Loves Ted Bundy.

Midland Railway

Ted Bundy raped and killed roughly 30 women in six American states between 1974 and 1979. Some were as young as twelve. Yet time and time again we choose to discuss him and others alike. He has been described as a ‘Charming, intelligent and capable young man’, who wasted his potential with his acts. Are these descriptions meant to make us feel for him, that he was a victim to his own behaviour too? Can any of us remember the name of even three of his victims?

I admit I too am guilty of indulging in drama documentaries, movies and podcasts that discuss these horrific individuals. They are fascinating in the same way an atomic bomb is. Perhaps some of us have this infatuation with these immoral acts because we wish to learn to understand why they happen in order to prevent them, to see justice served and to understand that some of these people were just utterly normal-violence and murder aside, you could be in the same job as them and you would not realise. This shielded immersion into these lives exposes us to our own vulnerability, its past tense perspective cradling us into believing we are safe from harm when really we are not.

She Loves Ted Bundy

As this new track by Midland Railway suggests we can all fall for a Ted Bundy and not realise. psychopaths are deceptive, manipulating and cunning. They know how to build up a rapport that is alluring to all, their gravitational nature hooks its victims. We are all vulnerable when it comes to love for it can be as captive as a cocoon, you must transform yourself in order to break free whilst understanding it is not your fault you have fallen for someone so warped.

The song can also be seen as satirical commentary on our aforementioned obsession with true crime. This strange catharsis, this desire to be exposed to such vile people offers the opportunity for a psychological study into both our brains and the mind of the killer.

Similarly to their previous work, such as The Pokemon adventure, She loves Ted Bundy offers an upbeat musical number on our social interests. It’s combination of jazz and electra pop makes for a completely fresh take on Ted Bundy and focuses more on the women that fell for him, so although his name is in the title it’s really her story, yet it’s told through the perspective of a male narrator who is clearly jealous of her choices.

Midland Railway

There may have been times in our lives when we are aware that someone close to us is falling for someone who is not very good for them, our mental turbulence struggling to decide whether to step in or to celebrate for them for we see how happy they are. Most times our protective side takes over and we advise them that this person may not be right, we just have to hope that they will listen.

Read about their older songs here.

The Women this criminal attacked/murdered

Joni Lenz, 18

Lynda Ann Healy, 21

Donna Gail Manson, 19

Susan Rancourt, 18

Roberta Parks, 20

Brenda Carol Ball, 22

Georgeann Hawkins, 18

Denise Naslund, 18

Janice Ott, 23

Nancy Wilcox, 16 

Melissa Smith, 17

Laura Aime, 17

Carol DaRonch, 18

Debra Kent, 17

Caryn Campbell, 23

Julie Cunningham, 26

Denise Oliverson, 24

Melanie Cooley, 18

Lynette Culver, 12

Susan Curtis, 15

Margaret Bowman, 21

Lisa Levy, 20

Kathy Kleiner, 20

Karen Chandler, 22

Cheryl Thomas, 21

Kimberly Leach, 12

Number for National Domestic abuse if you are in need.

0808 2000 247

Redeemers release Venue Affair on the 5th of August.

“For a few hours all those problems you had before are just white noise .”

The Redeemers

It’s 8pm on a Friday, you’re home, sore feet, tired eyes and a throbbing headache. Work has been rough, your favourite co-worker off sick and your patronising manager down your neck the whole time. You’re home now but your skull is still heavy with the weight of the desk. A missed call from your mate, an optimistic text from another. Two words. Town tonight?

With Wednesday and Thursday night still piled high in the sink, you sigh. A quick reply “Go on then”. Your pre-wrecked trainers on and you’re out the door, down the road and on the bus. Reality pauses as the music plays, the queue shortens and the shots are lined up. Problems refused entry and you’re on the dance floor.

Eoin Harkin

We all have our go to drink, our go to song and go to club. The Venue in Manchester has hosted many iconic nights, seen Sam Fender play and has now inspired The Redeemers new song Venue affair. Lead guitarist and songwriter Eoin Harkin said “I wrote the song with just the image of the place in mind, the
thought of that feeling of youthful escapism, finding that little get away spot where
things are a bit different, you can have a laugh and enjoy yourself. Once you’re down those
stairs as you get in, the world above them doesn’t exist anymore. For a few hours all those problems you had before are just white noise down there.”

Matty McCallum

Their latest single will have you head banging in the flashing lights, moshing in line for the bar the words more memorable than the night they call for. This single is a light to youth culture and showcases the talent of the band with passionate vocals from Matty McCallum this song will be playing on the way to the club and on the way home, keeping the night going so have you playlists prepped for August 5th.

With more songs recorded and ready to be released throughout the rest of the year and a
successful support slot with The Rah’s under their belts, Redeemers have lit the torch paper
and they are ready to take off with the release of ‘Venue Affair’, their incredible debut single.

10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark

Instead of running from the tides of time Luke Pritchard has mastered the seven seas with new Kooks release, 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark.

Lead singer Luke has said this release hosts a “major rebirth for the band. It is full of new music for the next generation”, it’s an album that lives for the future whilst acknowledging the past. This set of bangers and ballads have been done differently, especially “Sailing On A Dream”which is the first song to be written as a collaborative effort between all band members. Luke, guitarist Hugh Harris and drummer Alexis Nunez have created a psychedelic rhythm which transports a listener to an active state of sedation in which we explore our inner psyche whilst remaining aware of who we are and what we are dealing with. The light-hearted lyrics help lift us from these states, making us more aware of our realities making our realities more , the absurdity of the everyday becomes more apparent as we are faced with scenarios in which our loved ones weep into bright fruits and obsess over pointed shoes.

With the birth of Pritchard’s son, Julian, he has become more aware of his own reality and the situation the next generation may be left with.The singer has previously mentioned he would trust AI with governing humanity over any politician.His song ‘Cold Heart’ features a children’s choir from the Pauline Quirke Academy as well as including the next generation this song exposes our inner child, the naivety and hope we once had toward one another now suffocated, left struggling for air deep within , this song pays homage to the pilgrimage of compassion. The song and the inclusion of the choir demonstrates that music is for all of us but ultimately that the Kooks may be moving on; Pritchard has said “Hopefully, by the time Julian is 18 we’ll have got out of his way”, leaving space for the next mile of musicians.

The song further reflects the impact of the previous three years on a person.From the optimism of the end of 2019 going into a hopeful new year to the utter shock of diving into warm bath at the end of a hard working week only to be scalded, you leave it to cool for a while to come back dip an arm in to find your skin littered with goosebumps, the doom and exhaustion that defined 2020, only to move into the slow lull of 2021 and eventually the current crisis in 2022, the war, the fuel, the cost of being alive.

Of course we always had hope, we had each other in a time defined by division, restrictive laws and unjustified exiles to inhumane places, we overcame by uniting, finding the shrill shrieks of the many and challenging them with whispers, people will always rise for their rights. We can shift statues, we change stubborn laws just as the Kooks can embrace change after two decades of a distinctive sound.

The song Oasis pays homage to the escapism that love offered some of us through these times. Whether its our first one, married love, new love, this song speaks to us who still feel disbelief when we glimpse at our partner. Still dazzled by simple things like the length of their eyelashes, the way their tongue trips over certain letters and how they sound in the shower. It is the way this person makes us feel that makes us love them so, this stranger’s soul saved us from ourselves, allowed us to remedy our insecurities and achieve our desired realities. This individual becomes a superhero just by being who they are.

Think success will make you any less insecure, an accolade is not always a guaranteed reassure, this is discussed in Without A Doubt in which Luke exposes his imposter syndrome. This drive to be someone else, looking for the way of strangers to escape ourselves.Perhaps it is success we strive for, this unachievable ever moving margin of improvement, a gold sticker to a gold necklace, all trinkets and trophies, a trifle we’ll take a slither from before seeing it as too small, too sour, just not enough. There will always be something more we can do to gain success to guarantee you’ll impress, but it is love that assures us we have done enough, that we are worthy of warmth from another. That is what this song is about, you may feel uncomfortable with yourself but you will find someone who is comfortable with you and that will be enough to get you through.

You can catch them on tour and experience this new generation sound for yourselves here.

Nottinghamshire band L.A Sunday release latest single 9 AM.

We wear the walls we grew up surrounded by. In t L.A Sunday’s case these walls were adorned with the iconic Nirvana poster, a bedroom littered with crumpled song sheets, guitar picks and teenage paraphernalia.L.A Sunday, makes music for those dreamers, for those of us that have the drive but no destination.

L.A Sunday

Music can take us to otherworldly destinations, distant memories, future ambitions or even a mundane car park on a bleak Thursday evening. It was an evening similar to this the boys were sat in Pizza Hut car park that they became L.A Sunday. Although they had released songs before, played a view gigs and gained local recognition it was this night that changed. Like the rising of the dough their song Highgate, produced in songwriter Lloyd’s bedroom, soared through Spotify streams reaching 100k.

The band, made up of Lloyd – Lead Vocals / Guitar / Bass,Finn – Backing Vocals / Guitar / Bass,Charlie – Backing Vocals / Guitar / Bass,Harry – Drums / Designated Driver, managed to make a name for themselves after their debut single Contour reached 1k streams within a week of release.Their success continued when their second single ‘Tired Eyes’ was picked up by BBC Introducing Lincolnshire which saw the song reach 3000 streams in a week. 100k streams still felt worlds away but this band worked, practicing and producing in Spare bedrooms, using FL Studio and logic pro. Practice rooms have encouraged them to switch up their sound by moving towards heavier guitar based tunes.

9am by L.A Sunday

This is hinted at in their new latest single 9am. The band have said this song is about “having a day where nothing is going in your favour and then eventually it gets better. we’ve all been there. Sonically we tried to replicate this progression too. we wanted to have a quick catchy hook which then breaks and gradually builds towards the end. The ending riff is really the selling point of the song and it’s great to play live, a lot of people think it’s a synth but it’s Finn playing it on his guitar. we usually open with it at the moment as it’s just a good all rounder and it’s really fun to play for all of us. Artist wise it’s really inspired by early 2000s bands The Killers, Stereophonics.” 

L.A Sunday

Inspired by Indie legends The Neighbourhood, The 1975 and Pale Waves this band are an amalgamation of the gritty guitar riffs quintessential to the indie genre but also borrowing funk and jazz elements to marry that difference and familiarity we all crave as it hints that change can happen.

The band have played a handful of both support and headline gigs, their debut being at the Birdcage in Lincoln and another on the 29th of July where they’ll be headlining The Victoria Dalston, in London, more information here. Their prep before a gig is strategic, negotiations with sound engineers, tours of venues and before going on stage they fuel themselves with food they can’t find at home.

These guys are just becoming well known, their fans consistent and their passion prevailing. We discussed how they would like to be remembered and its simply as “nice guys who love music, to be those who inspire other people to do what they love”.

Like the greats, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Talking Heads, L.A Sunday want to share a large house with a decent home studio, big kitchen and bigger home cinema room to watch 90s classics like Oceans 11, Heat, Point Break and Fight Club on repeat. Perhaps too also have endorsement from Fender / Tama / Zildjian endorsement would be lovely.

The band make music because it’s “an innocent way of expressing feeling and emotions. songwriting also develops you as a musician id say and it’s something to work towards completing, it’s an end less game and nothing is right or wrong. 

Be Part of The Band with The 1975

Naked, vulnerable and self aware, the 1975 expose their inner psyche in new song “Part of the band”

The 1975

With frontman Matt Healey deep into his sobriety after receiving equine therapy in Barbados it appears he has more of an insight into himself and what it is to be a member of a band.The drugs, the success, the sacrifice. The lyrics nod to his embarrassment with his few relapses with heroin “So many cringes in the heroin binges, I was coming off the hinges”.

The relationship one has with others when the are at war with themselves is usually a toxic one. The lyrics “And I fell in love with a boy, it was kinda lame I was Rimbaud and he was Paul Verlaine” are interpretational. It both nods to Healey’s experience ‘kissing beautiful men’ and thus the slight fluidity in his sexuality but also to the turbulent relationships he has with the band and himself. There is an abundance of fierce and feral love in our lives.It is difficult to navigate certain scenarios when we dress them the way we want them to look and when we can’t dress them but can’t leave some may cope by turning to substance abuse.

Part of the band- The 1975 music video

The coercive relationship between doing what we love and doing what we need can leave us in agony. When we haven’t quite made it to where we want to be and we are forced to take the route in the opposite direction, its as though our limbs are torn from us and we are left to get on with it. We have to do the expected or be extraordinary, how do you become extraordinary if you have to do as you’re told?

The 1975

The single is both satirical and personal, exposing the politics in people’s lives. Who’s is to say what is wrong or what is right? Just because someone is telling you what to do does not mean it is what you should do. It is easy to be offended by individualism when we do not agree with it. If someone acts or looks defy what we have already worked to understand we defy their identity, their ideals. We have to self reflect, we have to be better, not to be “woke” or to avoid being cancelled, but because it is best for humanity when we work to understand one another.

The final line of “Part of the band” is cutting. It will resonate with those who have suffered an addiction whether this be to a substance or to a person. It reassures us that things take time, that there is a both a daily struggle and nightly joy when yet another moon has gone by and you have not sent a text or injected, smoked, snorted or drank. You have breathed clean air, you have reflected, you have screamed and you have sang and you will survive tomorrow. And in Healey’s words ” it’s just not cool to be a heroin addict, is it? [Young people] don’t look up to junkies. I don’t look up to junkies”.

If you or anyone you know needs help ending drug use please consult these websites or speak to a health professional. In an emergency call 999.

Alvvays make their return with new single Pharmacist


Made up of Molly Rankin (vocals and guitar), Kerri MacLellan (keyboards), Alec O’Hanley (guitars), Abbey Blackwell (bass), and Sheridan Riley (drums), has been making moves in the indie genre since 2011.

2018 proved a successful year for the band after they received a SOCAN Songwriting prize for their song”Dreams Tonite”,at the Juno awards they were nominated as Group of the Year and their second album, Antisocialites, won the Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year.After these accolades the band took a well deserved hiatus before being impeded by the pandemic.

Pharmacist by ALVVAYS

Perhaps it is unfair to pigeonhole this group into the indie genre as their instrumentals bleed into sub-genres as well as incorporating main stream pop/punk elements it is no wonder the success of this band continues despite their absence. Their latest release, Pharmacist is a ballad of unrequited love, trying to get to your destination by following misdirections and working to make peace with it all.If anything this single is closest to shoegazey with its distorted affects, emphasising the disorientation you feel on coming back to a familiar place to find most things have changed.

“…I know you’re back,

I saw your sister at the pharmacy

Picking up, said you had that new love glow…”

Lyrics to Pharmacist.

Blue Rev cover art

The lyrics call out to those of us who have faith we have moved on until we return home and focus more on the people in our peripheral vision than those in front due to the lingering hope that we may see our old love, see if they still hold on to the piece of ourselves we feel we have lost. But it is not because of them we are lost, because we are never really lost, we have merely changed, filled out in places that weren’t there before, read different books and look at different website. We are different and so are they. So even when we travel back home, on the look out for old love if we do find them, we must know they are not the memory we have of them, they are someone new.

Pharmacist has been hailed by fans as a supersonic comeback, tears of joy and revelation flooding down their cheeks. The single is a sneak peak into the bands new album “Blue Rev” which will be released October 7 of this year. It may have been a long wait before we heard them again but my god has it been worth it.

ALVVAYS on Spotify.

Meet Cosmin who has released A song for…

Cosmin by Sorana Bran

What sort of song do you need to listen to today? Do you need to reminisce? Do you need to dance? Or do you need an anthem to get angry and cry too? Cosmin’s debut EP has you covered.

The EP titled A song for… guides a listener through their own soul. The sentimental sound of the anthem is lifted with Cosmin’s raw vocals and powerful piano notes. It is a true expose of the self that we can all share. We listen to his story and slowly we find our own. The tracklist provides an answer for what we need for that particular hour when we mute the noise of real life with the beautiful backing track of music.

He has a song dedicted to those with problems. Some of us may not admit it but we all feel this sense of defeat, desperation and devestation at times in our lives, whether they are off days or off years but then there are times when we shine, when we dance and laugh with our selves, with our friends. Music is the only anchor we have in this tsunami of uncertanty and this EP epitomises that.


Blonde memories is a close favourite to Dancing for me. Both echo each others talent and power but the nostaligia evoked by the lyrics in blonde memories is something I turn to in times of reflection, the few moments before bed I have listened to this in the hope of directing my dreams to previous years or different realities, and that song allows for that travel, for that reflection to take place.

dancing by Cosmin

Dancing is a love of mine due to the Jazz begining, the backing instrumentals are enchanting, I am pulled in by this particular song. It is quite a sinister sound, alluring in it’s power. It’s hypnotic, almost poisonous, it puts a listener in the persepctive of someone who is struggling in their craft, in their situation yet they are forced to stay. The entire song is a metaphor for being held captive both in its narrative but also in its relationship with a listener. I am both embraced and held back by these lyrics. This song could be in the opening or in the end credits of a James Bond film.

On my podcast epsisode with Cosmin I was surprised to find the entire album bar one song was recorded and produced in his car, hopefully the car he’ll take on tour when he makes it big, which if he keeps making music like this he will do.

Midland railway release A song for Hannah-Beth

A song that explores the excitement and fear that comes with love. When we enter something new we tend to take our baggage with us, bringing old memories to taint the new ones, our own insecurities spoiling new experiences.

Midland Railway

On the surface this song echoes the fun, entertaining tune heard in their previous track, Pokemon adventure, but the narrative this Nottinghamshire quintet explores are more complex than first heard.

A song for Hannah-Beth.

When someone shows us an unexpected amount of love it may cause us to topple, to wonder why this person has placed us so proudly upon this pedestal. When we believe we are not good enough we doubt that we can ever be loved. This may cause us to pull ourselves away from a genuine embrace, to hide our face and clamour for an escape. It is not the love for them we desire to leave but the lack of love in our self.

With more songs in the works it’s exciting to see what this band will produce next. Read about their previous work here or listen to my podcast to experience the witty humour and history this band posses that fuels their lyrics .

Liam Gallagher opens Knebworth gig with rising talent Manchester band Pastel.

“we were destined to do this”

Jack Yates, frontman for Pastel performing at Knebworth 2022, taken by Charlie Lightening

The band, made up of Lead singer Jack Yates, guitarist James Yates, Rhys Wheeler on drums and Liam O Shea on bass, entertained a crowd of over 100,000 people opening up at Liam’s iconic Knebworth gig.

Frontman Jack said “We’ve never played a gig anywhere near that size before. People are saying are you nervous? But I’m not nervous, it feels we were destined to do this”

Pastel shared the stage with comeback star Paolo Nutini and brit pop band Kasabian before the eagerly awaited Liam Gallagher stunned fans at 9pm.

The five piece formed in 2017 , before signing a deal with spirit of Spike Island in 2020 which saw the release of their single She waits for me in the same year which reached 25k streams within a weekend of being released. The band were first noticed by Liam after their Autumn/Winter campaign for the fashion label Pretty Green (founded by Gallagher) which featured their song Deeper than Holy.

Deeper than Holy by PASTEL

The band are supporting former Oasis frontman on both days of his Knebworth set. James Yates said “the fact that Liam has given us this opportunity is pretty amazing”

It is clear that Gallagher has good taste in choosing these five to support him. Their music can be described as a sheer rollercoaster of sound with insightful lyrics that echo the politics imbued in Oasis tunes. Remnants of the bands influencesTalking heads, Kings of Leon and Radiohead can be heard in Pastel’s tracks but there is something uniquely distinctive about this band in their use of guitar riffs and their sonorous strings this band promises an antehmic atmosphere and it is fitting they would share the stage with someone as legendary as Liam Gallagher.

Meet Marika Rauscher, award winning Opera singer and Vocal coach.

Marika Rauscher

Being a singer is so much more than having a stable voice. It takes drive, it takes soul searching and sacrifice. Sometimes you have to delay your dreams to be capable of chasing them. Marika was brought up to understand classical training but was exposed to all sorts of music adding to her extensive list of musical experience. But this wasn’t enough for prestigious establishments to recognize her.

After a lot of arduous work doing hours temping and feeling over worked, she would pick up auditions, rehearsing lines in a language she didn’t understand on her lunch break. Rejection pained her, she believed she was good enough, she had the talent she had trained. She then realized she had to make a choice, choose practicality or fantasy. A sacrifice had to be made. She settled on a compromise; she would work until she had enough to afford a year of rent without working. This allowed her to leave the corporate world and focus on her singing, making her fantasy an achievable reality. This mindset has landed her roles singing for the Royal opera house, the Royal Albert hall, and the Barbican.

Marika’s Youtube channel

Her story shows if you have the drive and the patience you can make it. Too many people quit something because they do not feel instantly validated by it. Things take time. If you have a more direct role in your hobby you will make it work for you, you will make yourself work for it. Play the trumpet for an hour a day and at the end of the week play it as though you are trying to teach it to somebody else, sing to yourself in the mirror, record it, sing to your friends get their reactions. Each day expand your comfort zone. It will be hard, there will be struggle but sometimes you have to fight with your demons to dance with the angels.

It was inspiring to speak to her in my podcast episode where Marika shares her story as well as answering your questions and sharing some tips on how to improve your vocal range.

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This new single demands a live rendition with the crowd in full throttle mosh pit, headbanging and pogoing. The lyrics may be disorientating as lines blur between who the ‘user abuser’ is but this dizziness may be a deliberate attempt to reflect situations in which a manipulator twists scenarios to stunt you, leaving you struggling between who you are and who you are having to be because of this person, but the message is clear, it’s time to move on from this environment, even though this song will stick around.

The punchy attitude from Daniel Sharatt on the drums drumbeat permeates this piece reminding a listener to stand tall in the face of adversity. This is echoed by the guitar riffs and amplified by Matt Duke’s powerful vocals. Together the track produced is dominant, catchy and in need of a repeat listen.

This is the third release from Albany’s post covid studio sessions with more exciting music in the works it is Inspiring to see this band EVOLVE.

Meet Kelly Gelder and discover the power of music

Kelly Gelder taken by Mollie Higgins.

Do you dream of revisiting earlier times, find yourself reminiscing over those final goodbyes and still blushing at that first kiss? Certain songs take us there, back to the arms of lovers no longer with us, back to the laughter of a youthful friendships, or even back to your first nights out, although when you find a song strong enough for you to recall what happens on dirty dancefloors let me know.

We’ve all had Deja vu, a fleeting scent of an old teacher’s perfume, the burning rubber of our childhood playground but music is different. Kelly Gelder describes it as a time capsule, powerful enough to evoke tears that leave you smiling once the song fades out. 

In my podcast episode ,with Kelly, we discuss the intensity of sound, pop/punk icons such as Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne as well as some sound advice to aspiring artists.Listen to it here.

Kelly recalls an emotional piece that poured out of her once she sat at her piano.With no preparation or plan a song that left her sobbing flew out of her, the words, the melody and structure cascading from her fingertips. A sign of true talent, proving you do not always need to sweat for hours restricting yourself to a routine to produce something, you can not restrain creativity.


Her love for music was consolidated when she was eight and her father surprised her with a trip to see Avril Lavigne, adorned with in Claire’s accessories finest, the neon pink hair extensions and fingerless net gloves (We have all been there), she was inspired to learn the drums. Now studying classical music at University, she teaches piano as well as practising new songs for three hours a day.

All that and she’s preparing for an upcoming gig on the 22nd of April at the  Primrose Pub in Leeds where she will be supporting The distance UK. It starts at 8pm and tickets are £4 on the door. Kelly will be performing originals as well as covers so make sure you’re there.

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Chrissy Lemonte releases new single Remember My Name?

Chrissy Lemonte is a London born independent singer-songwriter who came to prominence in the UK top 40 Charts with the MOBO nominee girl band ‘Asia Blue’, with one single being the Radio 1 Breakfast Show track of the week. 

Chrissy became a solo artist opening at Ronnie Scotts for Beverley Knight.  Her singing career began in her family home when at the age of 7 she would write songs to then sing wand perform with her five sisters. This talented family became known as ‘The Mohabir Sisters’ internationally. 

Her musical style is primarily NeoSoul/R&B with strong harmonies this track particularly echoes her Jazz, Soul and Gospel influences.  Chrissy has worked with world renowned producers such as George Duke, Mike Peden, Sheridan Tongue, Andrew Franklin and many others,  She was signed by A&M Records in the UK and PRA Records for the USA.  

Remember My Name

With this latest single release, “Remember My Name?” from the upcoming EP, written by Chrissy Lemonte and produced by her and Carlton Romillie, Chrissy challenges prejudice with powerful lyrics like ‘see past my hair, my skin my dress, believe my words and praise my intellect’. “Remember My Name?” demands a response and stirs emotions and memories of ones who may have done us wrong in the past. in this raw bluesy ballad Chrissy tells it how to as with brutal lyricism wrapped up in soulful licks and rich harmonies.

The sound embraces past pain, warping into armor, empowered by the scars of the past, reminding us that through reflection and resolution we can all be stronger.

Lazy Hunter Release new single “Strange Times”

Arguably the most fitting title for a song.

Chirs and Pete from Lazy Hunter

“No Man is an Island” said John Donne in 1642 but sometimes it can feel that way. Sometimes we deliberately drift away departing from our neighbours in a bid to better ourselves, allowing ourselves a chance to change. Lazy Hunter embodies  this detachment in their new single ‘Strange times”

Strange times transports us to these islands and reflects mulitple realities ampliefied by the Chris on the synth and echoed by Pete on the drums. The instrumentals have the tendancy to blend into each other adding to the disorientatiion we all tend to feel in these strange times.

Strange times Lazy Hunter

Their witty observations on society are delivered with a melodious backing track directed by Chris’ cynical, but impactful lyrics.

This single has been released as part of a mini album the duo have been working on. After years of exhaustive work, the brothers are finally receiving the success they deserve by gaining recognition from RGM Magazine and Rising Artists as well as airplay from BBC Music Introducing.

With their genre-defying sound and experimental edge, this band brings you a new noise to contemplate to. Hopefully soon we will have their mini album to contemplate over.

Revisiting 2020 with BENEE

Benee by Nicole Hajjar

The smell of banana bread rising in the oven, the taste of smooth, whipped coffee on your tongue and the sound of TikTok sensation Super Lonely in your ears. It’s 2020, you’re stuck inside, you’re missing your friends and worried for your loved ones.

How did we get through it? We fought, from our kitchens, over zoom cameras, we united whilst apart. And we had our warrior anthems to get through it, leading us to make TikTok dances, discover new passions, although listening to them may take us back to that time, these songs brought us together.

I remember spending most of those sunny afternoons sweating to Super Lonely, trying desperately to master the moves then proudly showing my mum when I’d done it, persuading her to give it a go too.

Which is why I’m so excited that this week’s podcast episode is with the sensational BENEE who is preparing for her World Tour. She explained what it feels like to be back outside…

“It’s nice that we can finally go out and play shows. That wasn’t happening at the time which was quote frustrating, the touring side of things is such a huge part of this world and we need it so much to connect to the people that listen to our music”

Marry Myself Benee

Her world tour is a celebration of the her latest release, Lychee which sees her go from being ‘Super Lonley to feeling like she should marry herself, in her song “Marry Myself’

I think over the last couple of years my whole attitude has shifted, when I wrote super lonely  I was getting over my ex, moving out of a toxic relationship and since then especially in this last year I have found this new sense of independence  it think that’s a really powerful thing when you’re comfortable with yourself and by yourself  I feel like I really missed not feeling like  I needed to depend on someone else. I sort of lost myself in the relationship and I dint know who I was whereas now I am really excited to be writing about random stuff like marrying myself which is completely made up I’m not actually wanting to marry myself but it’s fun to sing about.”

Benee by Nicole Hajjar

Have you seen The Batman yet? A brooding R-Patz and sultry but sinister Zoe Kravitz stun audiences in the latest instalment of the franchise.

I am a massive fan of Twilight Robert Pattinson is gorgeous. I was originally thinking something beachy then I kind of went to this director I have worked with before called Roy and gave him the challenge on how to treat the video without me saying anything to him. He came back with this really dark treatment that was like me dancing around a devil in a dungeon, I didn’t want people thinking I was some sort of Satan Worshipper but I liked  the polar opposite idea of the song, because it’s not what you envision when you listen to beach boy. I wanted to be a vampire, so I was really happy about it .I like becoming a character, dressing up. I just want to be everything”.

Beach Boy by Benee

Some of her songs explore emotional themes, which still manage to make us bop through our tears;

Never ending or doesn’t matter are both emotional and deep lyrically. Weirdly I find these the easiest to write about, the creative process is more swell, I guess it’s because i don’t really think about releasing it whilst writing. I’m able to be vulnerable. I wanted to have a dark theme and ideas just popped out like crazy”.

Two years on from Super Lonely this EP showcases how BENEE has evolved with her musical style, gaining autonomy and control over her preferred sound.

I think, just like with every release, it shows growth, it shows where I’m at with my life, and how I’m feeling. I think my writing has improved,  I see my own personal development and I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different sounds. I feel more confident, I’m making music I want to make”

Benee by Nicole Hajjar

It’s no longer 2020 anymore, 2022 sun shining, less covid cases and no lockdowns. This allows musicians the freedom to share their sings again, in person , on stage, performing to adoring fans. I spoke to BENEE about how she is feeling in the face of this.

 How do you prepare for World tours?

“We do lots of rehearsals and I must like pack four bags, a lot of packing and mentally preparing. There’s a lot of work that goes behind the planning of the tour but it’s nice when it finally sets off.”

What’s your favourite place to go on tour?

I love touring anywhere. It’s insane to imagine people in a different country listening to your music. Even when I’m in Australia, I’m like omg this is insane. Berlin was pretty insane; it might just be because if the pace but all of the people are insane.”

How do you interact with fans?

I’ve had some really funny meet ups with fans, I just laugh and hug them honestly, I don’t even know what I’d be like if I met someone, I was a huge fan of, I would probably go quiet.. You just got to hype them up and hug them.”

Do you have fans that you keep in touch with?

Yeah, for sure. On my Instagram, that’s probably where I’m most active with talking to fans. I often will DM/ reply to comments and then hope to meet them in real life.”

Despite her success, and deserved stardom ship status her career has not been without challenges proving that the struggle is real for all musicians and this should never get you disheartened.

Yep for sure. Lockdown was a big one, other than that just generally being a woman. It’s a different ride, I feel like it’s harder, people are harsher online. It’s very toxic. When I first started people enjoyed making comparisons, really lazy comparisons, also the hate comments you receive when you’re a woman. It just sucks, mentally  challenging especially for artists, because you’re putting yourself out there to be judged. It’s an odd thing having people judge your music because it’s your art”.

Why is music so important to you?

It’s my emotional outlet. When I’ve been at my lowest  it’s the only thing I want to do. The only thing that helps is writing and singing which is cheesy but so true. We need music, it helps everyone.

Listen to Lychee now!

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Georgie Hanson releases new single Circles.

Georgie Hanson

Lincoln is bursting with talent, introducing the wonderful Georgie Hanson with her new single Circles.

Some paths we follow find us running alongside a lake or stream, othertimes our path is disrupted, a ferocious ocean halts our journey. The waves roll close to us, blocking our view of escape. It’s not the water that scares us it’s how we face it, do we turn back, do we drown or do we dive right in? Georgie’s single encoruages us to dive in, doing so finding the water to be calm, we can swim through this.

With the reassurance of a reoccuring rythm, Circles teaches you how to swim in the troubled water of your mind. An audible dream, evoking images of an idyllic love.You know you can swim by yourself, safely to the shore but it’s more fun to swim with others, life is about embracing both possibilities.

Georgie Hanson

Georgie explained that she “began the track with a breath to capture the nerves you feel when you’re in a new relationship”

This new Indie/pop track is perfect for the spring season that hosts vibrancy and vast possibilities.

Circles by Georgie Hanson

Her lyrics are heartfelt, the bravery that comes with being vulnerable pays off in with this infectious melody.

Georgie has been creating these harmonious narratives for almost ten years, starting her lyrical journey at age 16, she’s already released two EPs and is currently working on her first album. The singer promises that 2022 will be a big year for her.

Meet Flo Gallop, a refreshing musician from South East London.

Flo Gallop by Tom Hopewell

How do you heal a heart? Have a cry in the shower, go out every night for two weeks with your friends, or sit in bed for a few nights watching naughties chic flics? Perhaps it’s a combination of al three, maybe you even blast out a few breakup anthems, a bit of good for you by Olivia Rodrigo, heartbreaker by Marina and the diamonds or something new, something with a bit of empowering attitude like Sorry for you mate by Flo Gallop.

Flo Gallop

While it’s healthy to mourn, acknowledge the pain they have caused you this sing will serve to remind you that they lost you! Why should you be sad? Apologise for their loss and feel that power return. It’s time to live life according to Flo’s lyrics and be “happy [you’re] through”. The raw truth to her lyrics make her playful sound so easy to resonate with, you’ll be too busy dancing to think of any supposed good times and you’ll soon realise it’s for the best that this negative person is out of you life.

Sorry for you mate echoes the effervescence of Señorita by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes with a punchy rhythm that demands attention which is complimented by Flo’s confidence that comes across in her vigorous lyrics.

This passionate lyrical personality is definitive of Flo’s music style, she is exuberant, raw and thus accessible to listeners. Her songs are conversational, her words are a friend in our ear telling us to take back our lives and make the best out of a bad situation by being happy they’re gone. If you want to celebrate at one of Flo’s live gigs she’s playing at Roadtrip and the Workshop on the 23rd of March, buy tickets here

Flo Gallop by Tom Hopewell

The joyous nature of her narratives are found in Flo’s previous singles such as UP, which is a colourful insight into her personal life, a pop anthem embracing positivity, rising above any negativity. Personally I can’t help but fantasise about summer afternoons and busy bbq when this song comes on, her songs have that teleportive power so you can sit in the sun even if you feel you can’t face the world, although with this music I doubt you’d be sitting for very long.

UP by Flo Gallop

I find her sound evocative of Eliza Doolittle and Lily Allen but she has her own flair and her own sound, it’s the call back to the naughties that I am living for.

As a 21 year old, Flo’s song 21 is the guidance anyone in their early twenties needs.The tumultuous twenties, are like rushing through a river rapid, some people are seemingly so far ahead married, children maybe, while others have full time jobs or sweating it out at Uni, where are you supposed to be? That high school fear of fitting it cradles you as panic settles in. Flo reminds us, there is no right place to be, no sure direction, you have to make the waves work for you, be your own source of navigation and you’ll get through, ending up where you need to be.

21 Flo Gallop

Don’t Ask, new single by The Facades

Alannah Webb, Evan Armstrong , Luke Ashton and Sam Bowery on bass by Kiera Davies

The anonymity of the nighclub dancefloor where your name and your stories beome about as memorable as the discarded empty cups. This power, this pride you have in your new identity, how will you use it? Stun passersbys by owning a dance circle, chugging on a two for ten pitcher? Or chatting up some girl that doesn’t want to notice you? She laughs politley as she fidgets with her bag, you may thinks it’s cute but she’s under attack. She turns away but you tap her back, still not getting the message she requests a song from the DJ. Don’t Ask by The Facades starts playing and you learn to leave her alone.

The Facades

Boys feel it too, sometimes they don’t want to know you, they don’t want to buy you that drink. They want to dance and let go too. So stick Don’t Ask on and keep respecting others and respecting yourself.

This track hosts harmonies evocative to a black and white powerpoint film, photos that show a summer stroll, a rowing trip, a floral dress and a beach hat in the sand but it’s message has so much meaning. We’ve all been on nights out where we have either witnessed to or been the victim of a person that will just not let you go, what’s your number, what’s your name, are you here alone? Don’t ask because you don’t need to know.

The Facades by Kiera Davies

The facades, made up of Alannah Webb on vocals and guitar, Evan Armstrong on guitar, Luke Ashton on drums and Sam Bowery on bass, from Wigan formed in early 2020 are renowned for poignent lyrics and foreboding instrumentals especially in their debut single, That letter which is dominated by a dark drum beat, allowing for an enigmatic atmosphere that fits with the narrative of the song.

They have already been featured on BBC introducing and they’re on This Feeling’s one to watch list in 2022, so look out for them and head to their gigs, defend that dancefloor you came their to party.

This weeks episode of the podcast features funny impressions, colourful characters and a duck named Paul. For your chance to see Paul, and the talented Facades of course,head to the links below to buy tickets for their gigs.

Buy tickets to REWIRED Fest here

Stockton Calling tickets

UK tour tickets

Q and A with the spectacular, Salt The Snail.

Genre defying powerhouse with anthemic chords and live gigs with the enthusiasim of a child faced with a limitless ballpit, Salt The Snail define difference.

Tracks like Lazer Quest nod to the fun the band have with their music. The powerful vocals paired with rapid instrumentals are sure to have a crowd bouncing. The contradiction of cheerful themes paired with the raging tone makes for a chaotic but carthatic experience.

Salt the Snail

This entertaining energy extends to their live gigs where fans are encouraged to bring, small inflatables and toys to just maxmise having a good time and letting go.

Get to know the band below in my Q and A

1. Who is everyone in the band?
The Wildcard – Vocals
The Baron – Bass
The Wardrobe – Guitar
The Stray – Drums
The Captain – Guitar

2. Is the snail called salt or do you want to salt the snail? Tell me about the origin of your band name.
These days, to appease the PETA crowd, we say its a Snail called Salt, which is a bit of fun but originally it was neither of the above and we certainly don’t condone violence toward any living creature

Its a reference to, collectively our favourite TV show; Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In that show, they are salting a snail called Gail who is actually a person

3. How would you describe your style?
We’ve been described as many things over the years, hardocre punk seems to stick the most but I’m sure some chump with Refused tattooed across their chin would have something to say about that

We actually came up with our own style which we like to call ESCAPISM MEOWSIC which is essentially us having a ton of fun whilst trying to distract you from your problems for a brief moment all channelled through our admiration of cats

And if youre thinking ‘WTF is he on about’ then I dont blame you

Salt The Snail

4. What are your biggest musical influences?
There’s loads in there. Our live style is pretty lively and madcap and that was heavily influenced by seeing The Hives once in Glastonbury which was the best live show I’ve ever witnessed

McLuskey for sheer genius lyricism, Helmet, Rueben, Clutch, The Jesus Lizard, SPQR, Sweet Deals on Surgery and of course Limp Bizkit

5. Who would you be without music?

6. What’s your favorite moment in the band so far?
This one time we were at Charnock Richard services and our bassist The Baron taught us that its much cheaper to get the wrap of the day, fries and a drink all separately at Maccies rather than getting a meal. Never looked back since

The Wildcard
The Baron
The Wardrobe
The Stray
The Captain Taken by Ben Rogers

7. How did you all meet?
We are all from Widnes/Runcorn except our Bassist who is from Swanley.

We’ve all been in different bands for years and we have put gigs on for years too, we all got to know each other because the Liverpool music scene is really inclusive and friendly like that.

We started out as a 3 piece and The Baron was someone who we thought was a genius because his previous band Jazzhands were one of our favourites, he wanted to play Bass for us one time and we said hell yeah and he never left. Our 2nd guitarist The Captain, he joined not too long after, initially as a stand in for The Wardrobe but The Captain is a pure human so we kept him forever.

8. How do you prepare for Live gigs?
Check the inflatables for punctures, scour my garage for random shit to give away as a joke prize, write the song titles on some shit we can throw into the crowd stuff it all in a suitcase with some CANS and get on it

We used to just go Poundland but it was getting too pricey

9. Why do you want people to bring toys to the gig?
Cos our M.O is to have loads of fun and hope our audience join in. Toys are cool so the more the merrier

10. What makes you different?
We are an all straight white male, 5 piece, playing guitar music and im pretty sure thats never been done before

11. What advice would you give to those trying to get into the music industry?
1. Drop your inhibitions
2. Do it because you love it and don’t lose track of that
3. Have a plan
4. Don’t let some tupenny wideboy with a Canada Goose coat and a big a1 poster of Leeds Festival 2016 on the wall of his £200 a month office space that doesn’t even have a private toilet sway the artistic direction you take as a band based on a promise to get you on a Spotify playlist that only unimaginative drones listen to
5. Buy Wolf Cola

12. Do you have any hidden talents or jokes you can share with the reader?
I did write a joke once when I was younger which I think is quite good, I use it sometimes in a tight spot like if a guitar string snaps or The Stray forgets that he’s at the gig, here goes;

Did you hear about the hearse that got pulled up on the motorway?
It got done for undertaking!

Side note, you could say ‘i wouldn’t be seen dead in one of them’ if you ever see a hearse…but that’s not one of mine so don’t come at me if it goes the wrong way

Listen to the band on the new EVOLVE Spotify playlist and follow them on Instagram

Lazy Hunter releases their Insightful new track, Influencer

Pete and Chris of Lazy Hunter

We’ve all scrolled through instagram, scrutinsing the veneered smiles on our screens whilst criticisng our own bodies for not being like theirs,ridiculing somebody else’s life because ours is not the same. Their’s is full of sand and sunsets whilst ours is 6ams and cold showers. Lazy Hunter’s new polyrhythmic song Influencer tears this facade down reminding an audience that these people, who we aspire to be, are just like us. It dares people to show others who they really are.


This satirical narrative delivered by soft vocals is juxtaposed throughout by dramtic drum tones that serve to remind a listener that whilst they dance and sing to this catchy tune, they are doing so in a dark ‘plastic relaity’ where nothing is real at all.Other people’s screen worthy realities become our fantasies to the point some of us may feel tempted to neglect our own life and emmerse ourselves in the perfect world we can fit in our palms. Hints of jazz can be heard behind the strong sythns of the song and it is clear to hear why this band has been compared to the likes of Mars Volta and the Killers.

This desire to be different haunts most of us at some point in our lives, the mirrored image just isn’t enough for us anymore, we dream of ‘Leaving the world behind’. This song perfectly captures this desperation whilst reminding us that this life through the glass can be lonely too.

Lazy Hunter formed ,by brothers Chris and Pete Gibson, in 2019 describe their sounds as ‘wilfully bizaree with meldoic sensibillty’ paving a different direction for Indie msuic which works so well, evidenced by the success of their two EPs Paradise and Anti-social which were released in 2021.

Antisocial by Lazy Hunter

The Publics release their first single of 2022, Marathon In Heels

In the words of their earlier single, Was That Kiss Meant For Me, their music has really ‘never been like this before’.

Ebony,James,Euan,Elliot and Josh. The Publics in Nottingham by Josh Jackson

After almost a year since releasing their previous single, Art Of War, The Publics are back, fleshed out in their formation. Ever experimental with their sound whilst sticking close to the traditional guitar heavy riffs, definitve of the Indie genre, Marathon In Heels evolves into harmonies evocative of 90s dance. This step showcases the extensive talent this band holds.

This concoction of both familiarity and difference is cooked up by Josh Porter, lead vocalist and guitarist and Elliot Stephenson also on lead guitar and man behind the lyrics.The drums that dictate the march of the heels is brought to you by the talented James Keith, the booming bass is from Euan Finch and the cyclical vocals that embrace the instrumentals and bring the listener closer to the lyrics are sung by Ebony.

The Publics

The narrative of this song explores the journey of dilemmas . When a situation you belong to no longer feels welcome, do you join the runners or do you leap into the moshpit and dance the night away? The fantasy of union and joy keeps you anchored to the arms of others, after all does it really matter if both actions lead to the same conclusion; conflict with someone you once loved or possibly still do?

As the lights of the dance floor lift , you’re faced with the stained and sticky reality that you may have lost the race, your shoes are dirty and your head hurts, all you want is the hand of your lover to help you home but they’re gone and you’re left to walk alone. This song becomes your guide, it takes you home and you dance all the way.

Meet some of the band members in this week’s podcast episode which includes terrible jokes, marathon facts and drunken anecdotes.

The Publics in Rough Trade by Josh Jackson

After performing alongside The Reytons, in 2021, The Publics have made themselves known in the indie scene, gradually shifting from emerging talent to household names. Their local success is sure to soon become nationwide with more bangers like Marathon In Heels.

The Publics

Follow them on Spotify.

The Publics

Meet Hilla Peer,a talented singer from Israel

Her debut album Free explores themes of liberation, celebration and change.

Hilla Peer taken by Elad Peer

The first song on the album, Control is ironically about letting go, being free from inner anchors and outer entrapments. Allowing yourself to take risks and live lighter. Throughout challenging times it seems many of us face the disorientating decision of whether to take control over everything or just to let it go, accept that the world does not adhere to our rules. Embracing uncertanty is daunting but once immersed we learn how to swim in deep water, this is beautifully explored by Hilla.

Control Hilla Peer

Hilla describes her sound as “pop with a soul touch”. This is most prominent in her sultry ballad ‘No one’. It’s jazz undertones and her rich voice makes this song the perfect tune to unwind to.

Her music is for everyone and she dreams to perform live one day. Her voice is evocative of a speak easy singer, a lisenter becomes entranced.This is because she “invests a lot of time into [her] music”. She is still working on her guitar skills in preparation for any potential live opportunities.

Her words to live by, love, freedom and letting go filter through to her music.

Listen to the full album here.

SÜKKO return with their new single Golden Suits


The world seems to be plagued with violence, building tensions with Ukraine’s border and Russia looming whilst the crisis in Yemen continues. It is understandable why many of us want to remain ignorant to these realities, instead of opening up our heads to them for then, we realise how helpless we are in the face of injustice.

Mainstream media routinley fails to focus on the world around us, we may be allowed some minute understanding but we are left to rely on our own curiosity to see the wilder world. SÜKKO’s new single Golden Suits explores these themes, holding meglomaniac leaders accountable by questioning why they’re allowing the demise of our enviroment and neglecting the underprivilleged. This shift to privillege is spoltlighted in the latter stages of the song. We may all live in the same society but it’s difficult for the rising sea levels to reach you when you’re born on a buttressed pedestal of privellege.

Golden Suits by SÜKKO

The frustration and anger felt in the face of helplessness is imbued throughout the song in the form of cynical, observational lyricism from vocalsit Felix Jordan and gritty guitar riffs from James Jordan and Eliot Clarke on guitar. Some parts of the track are alsmot idel in their tone, hinting at the laziness of our leaders to address concerning issues, this reggae mix of trumpet and synth keyboard from Matt Thompson is contradicted by the demands of Ben Alexander on the drums.If you want more from life this is the perfect track to listen to whilst searching for it.

SÜKKO are using their growing platform to raise awareness to the control of insitutions have over us and how little of the world is discussed, it encoruages us to question why these structure are in place and whther reform needs to be taken. Their EP of the same name, Golden Suits, showcases their stance against dominant politics.

Interested in SÜKKO’s discography, check out my older posts with them here.

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Redeemers set the tone with their debut single “Peace Of Mind”

Redeemers by Kat Donohue Photography

This Manchester based band have already made a name for themselves performing at the likes of Night and Day Cafe after their debut gig at the Kanteena. With their new single ‘Peace Of Mind’ they’re sure to become unforgettable members of the Manchester music scene.

The song is easily defined by the dominant guitar riffs which are lifted by probing lyrics and ultimately brought to life by lead vocalist Matty McCallum.  As a debut single this song showcases each members individual talented whether that be songwriter and lead guitarist Eoin Harkin, Jacob Jones (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Connor Doyle (bass guitar) and Jake Byrne (drums).

Harkin said “The song is about not being able to give reassurances..maybe being a bit too jaded to give that to someone during that time with them or even after the fact.. Musically, the song has a slower tempo than other songs that we have up our sleeves, with a vibe and sound that lends itself to the 90’s”.

This tone of detachment runs throughout the song and is amplified by the aggressive yet powerful drum beat and lyrics that promise not to lend too much of one’s own mind to another. This bitter tone will resonate with those that have shared similar situations in which one is so hurt and resentful that they refuse to offer a helpful opinion, the contradiction of guilt and power that comes with this position.

See them in action at their upcoming gig supporting The RAH’s with the Panamas. More information available here.


Read my first post with Redeemers here.

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Meet Venomous rose, a Glam Rock band from Derby

Josh,Dan,Matteo and Sam of Venomous Rose

Motley Cue, Van Halen and KISS are all famous faces of glam rock and Matteo Di Marco, lead vocals, Josh Grainger on the drums, Daniel Griffiths on Guitar and Sam Fuller on Bass, continue the success of their predecessors with Venomous Rose. Live gigs are not just audible events, they are extravagant performances, fulled by energetic crowds and flamboyant songs.

A Thousand Miles by Venomous Rose

Their musical talent is clear from their lyrics to their guitar riffs but as this week’s podcast episode demonstrates this band is somewhat of a showstopper both on stage and off, with a captivating finish that will leave you screaming for an encore.

EVOLVE podcast episode

The music we listen to becomes an institute of our identity, a map of our experiences and the people we have met. Like a familiar scent, music is the closest experience we have to a time machine, visiting places we have been to and dreaming of the views we want to see. The pubs that host karaoke and open mic nights to the places that hold main stages, these buildings are more than brick and beer they are friendship sweat and tears. To honour independent music venue week, the heartbreaking closures of local live music venues in the band’s home town are discussed in my podcast episode which will be released soon.

Josh and Matteo

In a celebration of identity and culture, Venomous Rose is playing at Ye Old Salutation Inn on Saturday 12th February, tickets for which you can get here. This is shortly followed by a gig with TAILGUNNER who have been friends with the band since those Saturday nights open mic nights; their history together is discussed more on the podcast but until then buy tickets to see them live on the 23rd of March here. Physical copies of their EP ,’Raise The Flame’. are available now, buy them here.

Rock (Don’t Let It Die) Venomous Rose

Meet Suburban Toys, A punk ska band from Lincoln

May be an image of 4 people, people standing, people playing musical instruments, guitar and indoor
Surbuban Toys taken by Will Binks

Punk, pottery and golden members, this really is a whirlwind of a band.punk is known for being anti-establishment and advocating free speech which is why I tried to keep this podcast episode as raw as possible, listen to it here.

The band, made up of Vincent Ramsey on bass and vocals, Hope on vocals, Tony on drums and Adam on vocals and guitar, formed 40 years ago and have performed at Festivals such as SkaBillyPunk Fest ,Eagle Fest, and  Badger Fest. With the Punk and Roll rendezvous festival coming up on February 12th this band have never taken a break from performing. Tickets are available here.

The song that started it all Coupe de Ville by Suburban Toys

Punk is known for being cathartic, listeners can emerge themselves in a controlled rage, screaming at the systems, advocating anarchy and challenging those that keep inequality in place. But, as Tony has taught, our mental health can be calmed in a more progressive environment, that being in pottery. By investing in others, coaching them to take control of their lives by literally moulding something intricate or authentic from a lump of clay, a person’s self esteem increases. They learn they are capable of creativity, direction and structure and with the encouragement to seek a professionals advise can gradually learn how to apply these techniques to real life.

As well as being a testament to perseverance this band is an ode to friendship. Talent does not matter if there is no one to share it with, no one to laugh at mistakes with or to triumph at success with. It is just fortunate that this band have both, the ability to poke fun at one another whilst supporting each other to step on stage, to sing, to strum, to drink whether that be responsibly or not they do so knowing there will always be the arms of another to pull them up or drag them off. And friendship is arguably the most anti-establishment roar of them all, we are born alone but together we navigate these systems that try to divide us.

Radioactive Suburban Toys

With another gig to prepare for supporting on the 20th February, it is clear we will continue to hear from this band for years to come. More information for that gig here and if you can’t wait to hear them then listen to my podcast episode.

Meet Nancy A Jones, singer, songwriter and storyteller from North Carolina .

Nancy Jones

Life on the road is often romanticised for aspiring rockstars who dream of trashed hotel rooms, late night escapades with a pocket full of money and a head empty of dreams for they have spilled into reality. Some of these tales are in fact close to the truth, which Nancy shares with me on my podcast, but other times the most captivating music is born in silence, the silence we find within our mind.

Welcome to the Cabin in the Wood, a place that is often misunderstood, depicted by horror films as a deceiving shelter from the monsters until you find them within, actually becomes the retreat we seek providing the solace we need when it’s listed by Nancy on those days she needs a break from it all to find herself again.

Who is it we aim to find when becoming ourselves? Initially we have to be a the most appealing version of ourselves in order to be our most authentic selves. Nancy is currently finalising her 16th album and it is clear she has become the person she sought after, the person she was meant to be.

Her voice is heavy with talent and tales that fill out her songs so they become a beautiful if sometimes distressing narrative that always manage to move a listener. The pain of losing both her parents in the last year is deeply felt within some of her work especially her emotional ballad entitled ‘Once (Mama’s voice)

Nancy Jones

It is important to explore grief, reflect on dusty memories and flick through faded photographs. See where the pain takes you, see what you can do with it, honour those that you have lost in some way that helps you to heal.

EVOLVE podcast with Nancy Jones

Nancy also uses her voice as a medium of empowerment, a vehicle of defiance against people that have tried to shape her to their standards instead of embracing her as she is. With a powerful voice her song No More Second Chances is a feminist anthem reclaiming her own identity, which you can hear below or as part of our very special podcast episode which features multiple songs by Nancy including John the Baptist and 10 to 1.

No More Second Chances Nancy Jones

Nancy has said that her “Songs are born from a restless longing, a desire for a sense of place and an urgency to discover what lies underneath” She believes “everyone has a story” it is her duty to give the narrative “a melody”. She writes songs about the circus, ghost, the need to care for our planet, the spirit of travel along with various types of relationships with different people. Her songs catalogue all emotions and imaginable experiences and really deserve to be heard.

Her musical inspiration/sounds are an amalgamation of front porch traditional, gospel, folk and hard rock but are ultimately her own sound, stemming from the story in her surroundings and her soul.

Meet Chloey Rose, a singer songwriter from Lincolnshire.

Chloey Rose

Chloey’s latest single Butterfly teaches us that no matter your start in life you can become who you were always meant to be. A cocoon may be a difficult space, it’s dark, suffocating and lonely but from it is born greatness, after all is it what we make of the darkness that defines us.

The song is about embracing yourself and flying despite your flaws. On my podcast episode with Chloey she said “Each butterfly has different wings but all are beautiful”, a postive sentiment toward self image but it’s more than that she continued to say the song was “about never giving up, we all have to go through our caterpillar stage to find our wings”

Butterfly ,which was a collabortive effort from Chloey and Harry David, also serves as a milestone in Chloey’s evolution as a music artist after releasing her single Golden dreams secured a promising step to fame reaching 14,000 views on BBC radio Lincolsnhire’s page, it is no suprise that her songs have won her awards including Best Original song and Most Talented Songwriter.

The music video for Butterfly is very etheral with a bohemian atmosphere the song allows you to feel reborn, a new sense of self and purpose. Escape from what other people are telling you to be to find your own narrative.

Butterfly msuic video released November 6th
Chloey Rose

Chloey continues to amaze her audience, she shared with me that it took her just three weeks to write two songs the one which is soon to be released in time for the festive season and the other, titled Hopes And Dreams should see us in to January of 2022.

For many of us the central image of christmas is the tree, by a roaring log fireplace with mug of hot chocolate, board game pieces scattered on the floor as the Queen’s speech plays in the background, but there is one key piece of this christmas scene whcih is usually overlooked. The importance of the dinner table and not just the food on it but the people around it. Our families passing the cranberry sauce, squabbling over the last roast potato and coming togther for the turkey wish bone. The Christmas kitchen, being with family, served as a big inspiration for Chloey’s up coming Chirstmas Single.

The song also knods at previous christmas classics making it a refreshing take on familar themes, the nostaliga that we love about chirstmas is definitely felt throughout the tune whether we are on our drive home or gathering round the tree it is sure to be that this tune will be playing.

Listen to it here whilst you’re wrapping your presents.

On my podcast episode with Chloey things get deep and personal but the bubbly nature of her personality allowed us to discuss certain topics such as the loss of a friend, poetry and allowing yourself to be who you are whilst remaining respectful we were light hearted leaving us both postive afterward, have a listen to see if you feel the same.

Chloey Rose

Her music has been described as “magical and mysterious” With her recent singles, Sky Is Falling and Hearts On The Line both being named “Song of the week” By BBC radio Lincolnshire.

Listen for yourself and see why

You can find out more about Chloey Below



Chloey Rose Website

Meet Katie Fry, multi-talented singer/songwriter from California.

Katie Fry captured by Layla Self

A song is played for a reason. Whether it be through guidance through a hurricane or a dance partner, music allows to confide in ourselves moving through the motions or increasing euphoria it is a constant we can rely on which is why Katie Fry describes it as “an old friend, it’s everywhere in life whether that be at a wedding or a funeral”

For Fry music is the greatest emotional healer. Whilst studying to become a therapeutic bedside musician she visited patients in the ICU and paediatrics . During this time she learned how to play the harp and now shares her talent at a hospice with memory care patients which she says has been “one of the most rewarding experiences of her life”

Her own songs are inspired by emotional trauma, either her own or others. The backstory to her single,My California came from the devastation she felt when her childhood home was lost to a wildfire in 2020, which displaced her parents. Yet she used this as an opportunity to remember the golden times growing up in her hometown. The outcome is an uplifting tribute, aided by Fry’s sopranic voice which evokes positivity despite having a sarcastic chorus. She grew up in the rural farmland area of California, speckled with foothill, lakes and creeks. Fry says “it was a magical place to grow up”

My California Katie Fry

Her songs are thus almost an audio autobiography, one you can cry, rejoice with and dance to. Most songs reflect her emotions but some explore the perspectives of other people and how a heavy situation may be affecting them. Her angry love songs are hardest for her to release but she shares them anywhere because we can all relate to heartbreak, however it isn’t always this way as Fry rejoices as she is “happily married”.

As we creep closer to Christmas it is only traditional that we talk Christmas pastimes and singles. For Fry December is a month full of celebration as her family have many overlapping birthdays. Growing up in a choir it is no surprise that her favourite Christmas song is the foreboding Carol of the Bells . This dramatic symphony’s echoed in the opening section of Fry’s single, New Year Came. The melancholic piano cautiously welcomes in the new year suspicious of what it has to offer before embracing the uncertainty with a sloppy jam band style flute solo. it is currently available on band camp.

Katie Fry taken by Layla Self

Already there is so much for Fry to embrace in 2022, the release of a full length album in the summer called ‘Running against the Wind’ which will feature the New Year Came and also title track Running Against The Wind”. This song was born after Fry spent a month bed bound recovering from surgery. As she sat at her piano the song poured out of her, she felt her self as completely healed and thus running against the wind.

One Foot At A Time Katie Fry

For Fry music is about magical moments such as playing out on the farmers market and playing twinkle twinkle little star to children seeing them dance and singing along brings her so much joy’

Fry defines her style as “pieces of Pop with a Folk/Americana influenced sound. Some of my recordings are more stripped down with just piano, or guitar. Other recordings have a full band sound with drums and other instruments like bass and slide guitar. When I perform solo on the guitar people say I sound ‘country’ and opposite of that when I perform solo with piano I have been told they hear a ‘jazz’ influence” but listen to it yourself and see what you think.

More to lose Katie Fry

To those trying to break into the industry the effort is seemingly arduous and it felt seldom that success is achievable in times of restriction but Fry remains positive and offers the useful advice to those aspiring artists:

“Keep practicing, experiment with new instruments and new styles of music. Avoid the comparison trap! The wonderful thing about art and music is that there is no particular way that it HAS to be done. That’s the beauty of it, all musicians are unique and different in their creative process. Surround yourself with others who appreciate this concept… maybe find someone who inspires you and allow them to become your mentor. Understand that success can mean playing to a handful of listeners in a cafe or a small local pub. You don’t have to go on a giant tour to be a ‘real’ musician”

Meet Redeemers, an Indie band championing the Manchester music scene.

Vocalist Matty and Jacob on rhythm guitar from Redeemers.

After a dedicated year to rehearsals and cover gigs that landed them their first headline gig at night and day cafe in August, the lads are already working on new releases.

Redeemers,Made up of Jacob on rhythm guitar, Eoin on lead, Doyle on bass, Jake on drums and vocalist Matty promises a different take on the indie sound, still familiar but refreshing to experience. You can experience their humour and some of their stories, including which musicians they’d like to share a pint with on my latest podcast episode.

With musical influences such as Sam Fender and the Reyton’s it is no surprise that they’re already a success in their City with gigs booked throughout December starting with their support for Clint Boon on the 3rd of December at Kanteen in Lancaster, Ash Palmer on December 11th at Lion’s Den in Manchester before returning to Night and Day Cafe on the 16th of December where they will be supporting Midland Railway band.

For more gig dates and tickets click here so you can experience their debut demo the proper way, live.

Meet The Rills, an indie trio from a small town…

The Rills from left Mason Cassar, Mitch Spencer and Callum Warner- Webb

Whether you’ve seen them at Reading or Leeds fest, heard them on BBC Radio One or scrolled past them on your TikTok ‘for you page’ this small town band are onto some pretty big things which I discuss with frontman Mitch on my podcast.

Made up of Mitch Spencer singer and guitarist, Mason Cassar on drums and Callum Warner-Webb on bass guitar the Rills have broken the borders of secured living by captivating audiences with energetic live performances, engaging with fans on TikTok and releasing indie anthems that anyone with a dream and a drive can resonate with.

The Rills

Small towns are self explanatory, it’s easy to go places in them but its a challenge to get anywhere which is why few years after meeting in a skatepark, Mitch Spencer and Callum Warner-Webb set off to Sheffield to work on their music, where they eventually met Mason Cassar and morphed into the trio we now know as the Rills.

Pyro by The Rills

Since releasing their debut single Pyro in 2017, the band have gone on to release three more singles, their latest being Skint Eastwood a character ,that frontman Mitch has, described as “a Lincoln loner. A BMX bandit who lurks on the streets, with just their rucksack on their back and loose change in their pockets”

The leather on a cowboy is much like the metal on a knight beneath both guises ,we are vulnerable. This hard exterior mixed with what we hide, the”cowboy cliche has been used to describe the lost boys and girls of our generation” explains Mitch. Those that get left behind due to the narrow pathways used to navigate Suburban life.

Skint Eastwood by the Rills released October 27 2021

James Joyce’s poem Ulysses serves as a great influence over the mind of Mitch, inspiring him to wrote songs from different perspectives, exploring the psyche of characters you’d find in a small town. The songs are almost as though you have walked in to your local pub and listened to all of the distinctive voices that define small town life, yet you realize they actually have something important to say, they become interesting proving that no matter where you come from it is what you make of your experience that defines the success of your journey.

And what an experience the band are having, from a supporting tour with Bloxx to their own UK headline tour in December the Rills are further proving that small towns can lead to success if you just work for it, and maybe move to a larger town.

Buy tickets for their tour here before they get any bigger so you can brag about it when they do.

Remember Sukko? Well look at them now

Bringing you Indie Bangers straight from their kitchen. (Read my inital interview with them here to understand that)


A catch up with this band was needed after the announcement their new single “In My Head ” is out now so check it out

In My Head Sukko

From their album A Violent deep feel’ the melodic ,synth instrumental to this song evokes a soft feeling, a ray of sunlight through an open window or a stroll in the local park, feeling light, not bothering with a jacket and being out soley for the breeze is a complete contrast to the chorus which seems to be about the torment of being trapped inside your own head.

It’s tone quickly becomes quite haunting the familiar voice of Felix Jordan becomes that belonging to consequence, guilt. It demonstrates how capricious life is, how instantaneous change comes and how quickly you can go from being stable on the ground to lying on the floor.

The atmospheric instrumental is brought to us by Matt Thompson on the trumpet and keyboard, Ben Alexander on the foreboding drums, James Jordan and Eliot Clarke on guitar


The band shared the inspiration for their song with me “The song is an exploration of many of the negatives felt by everyone from time to time, anxiety,stress and loneliness. The songs emotional essence also highlights the need for escapism,the need to find inner peace , to seperate one’s self from the world whilst understanding we must return to re andality face our issues, ask for help if need be”

Since our initial interview back in August the band have evolved in terms of improving their song writing and their live performances. Their music ”is constantly adapting, transcending from one style to another to fit certain mood or prescient topics. These attitudes are evident in both ‘Take Your Time’ and ‘In My Head’, the latter of which is more experimental in it’s approach to production with more synths and textures, it is quite an immersive experience”

Take Your Time By Sukko

This will be their sixth single as band since forming in 2018.

Meet The Mease, and discover an Indie Christmas.

The Mease studio session

With the release of their EP See the light and the announcement of an eagerly awaited indie Christmas banger ‘Christmas time (What a time to be alive), 2021 has been a monumental year for The Mease.

Breaking into the Derby music scene with riffs that resonate with a fan of 90s britpop and early noughties tracks The Mease are an experienced indie band captivating audiences with their lyricism and their live performances.

Band members Tristan Cooper, singer-songwriter and rhythm guitars,Guy Smith on Lead Guitar (Both of whom I spoke to on the latest episode of the podcast), Adam Goulding on Bass and Keys and Jon Wright on Drums know how to keep their fan based entertained.

Carry Me Home by The Mease

Their debut track “Carry me home’ talks about what is arguably the best part of a night out, the journey back home, the scenes that you witness, the way the streetlights usually mundane and uninteresting now become a beacon illuminating your stroll back to safety. The lovers you meet, the friendships you make, it’s all about the life you find at the side of the bar.

Victory Road The Mease

This track sets the tone for the personal perspective of their music which can be heard in their melencholic Victory Road which was inspired by the tragic deaths of six children in a house fire close to band member Tristan Cooper home in Derby.

Their latest single, “Christmas time, (what a time to be alive)”, to be released on November 26th offers a listener the familiar comfort of a choir, scenes of friends around the pub table adorned in snow and appropriate sweaters. It is rare that we experience an indie Christmas tune other than Paul McCartney’s a wonderful Christmas time which loosely inspired this upcoming track.

The Mease studio session

So whether you’ll be wrapping you presents to fairytale of New York by the Pogues or sipping mulled wine (If you’re 18 or over) to Christmas wrapping by the waitresses The Meases new release serves a place on your Christmas party playlist. Add 26th November to your calendar and get ready to step into the season with a new song.

Sorry to unintentionally usher in the (Happy) new year already, but 2022 looks promising for the band, with gigs lined up that’ll see them performing throughout the midlands, more details to be released soon.

Hear more on my podcast

Meet Conchúr White, rising talent from Northern Ireland

May be an image of 1 person, beard, standing and outdoors
Conchúr White

Currently on tour in the UK and Ireland Conchúr caught a rare break to share his roots in music, his thoughts on AI and the meaning behind his song ‘Go Easy’ with me in the latest epiosde of The Lincoln Ear podcast. For more information about his tour and up coming gigs head here.

Podcast Episode

His music inspires with it’s anecdotal flair, playing on satirical narratives and emotive imagery. This is eloquently portrayed in his latest EP Dreamers which has flourished following on from the success of his debut EP Bikini Tops back in 2020.

Dreamers by Conchúr White

Originally frontman for 5 piece Indie Folk band Silences for five years Conchúr is familar with the ways of the music industry and how to produce music both for the self and for an audience.

When his own style of music took a vastly different direction, at the end of 2019, Conchúr decided to pursue a solo career producing tracks like Dreamers which is about seeming unattainable aspirations and tripping up over your own self consciousness.

May be an image of 1 person, sitting and indoor
Conchúr White

In my opinion Conchúr is somewhat of a lyrical artist, his songs evoke dream-like imagery allowing a listener a glimpse into surreal narrative where they either explore the singer’s world or one of their own. Influenced by Lana Del Rey, Alex Turner and Charles Bukowski fans of them his songs become a moving social commentary on our emotions and how we interact with external forces.

Daisies By Conchúr White

His innovative use of langauge stems from personal experiences and his work with young people in his local area, helping them to pursue careers with their own creativity.

Although currently busy with his UK and Ireland tour Conchúr has already got gigs in place for the new year but if you can’t wait until then there are tickets to his belfast show in December available here . As well as this he has also performed at the Dot to Dot festival in Nottingham earlier this year along with Alfie Sharp and The Publics. Conchúr shared with me how he prepares for live gigs in my latest episode of The Lincoln Ear podcast.

There is positivity in vulnerabiltiy, and pride in the strength of overcoming our set backs, having faith in humanity and sometimes we just need a song to get us there, to let us check in with these feelings and I think Conchúr’s music serves to that need.

For further information on gig dates listen to my podcast.

Meet Ezy Ryders,a breakthrough band from Brighton.

Tom and Jake by Joe Goldring

With Halloween looming Ezy Ryders have released a timely debut track called ‘Shake Our Fears’.

Shake Our Fears by Ezy Ryders

With it’s under the radar appeal, their new release ,Shake Our Fears, is energetic and raw in it’s approach. It sets itself apart by emrbacing topics of vulnerabiltiy , encouraging a listner to leave situations where you although you feel comfortable you do not belong.

The brutality echoing from the drum allows a listener to groove to a quick paced motion, channelling anger and fear into free flowing movement. Personally this song became quite a visual art, picturing wrong doings and how I would react now compared to how I did then. Despite it’s apparent aggression the lyrics of the song serve as a catharsis allowing a listener to heal by ‘leaving those fools behind’ (lyrics from Shake Our Fears)

Tom and Jake By Joe Goldring

Over a bowl of fresh pasta Tom and Jake shared with me their greatest fears and greatest talents, whcih involved an impressive mouth trumpet and an uncanny Machine Gun Kelly impression. Hinting at upcoming releases and sharing some advice to live by ,this podcast episode is not one to miss.

Lincoln Ear episode with Ezy Ryders
Ezy Ryders by Joe Goldring

Navigating a new era and embracing mutliple genres to produce a song that resonates with an audience and an individual, Ezy Ryders are paving the way for the post lockdown revolution we’re begining to see in music. New sound is always the harbinger for new opportunities and with their latest single already gaining them 75 followers on spotify it’s intruguing to see where their music will take them.

Meet Alfie Sharp, Nottinghamshire singer songwriter.

Alfie Sharp By Emily Damyan

Music is the strongest form of communication, listeners resonate with and relate to the emotion which is why songs that are straightforward with their message allow for a different relationship with the melody. We hear what we need to, entering the singers realm and sharing their experiences from a seemingly effortless standpoint.

Although there is no apparent formula to songwriting this method is arguably why Alfie sharp’s debut track Nostalgia has done incredibly since being released in 2019.With over 600,000 streams on Spotify this poignant track about not feeling secure in the position you’re in and persevering to where you want to be shows that we all struggle with the same insecurities and are constantly trying to power through to overcome them.

Nostalgia pulls off the difficult juxtaposition of being both direct yet hypnotizingly beautiful, liquid poetry that is somehow straight to the point.

Nostalgia By Alfie Sharp

Learn more about the creative process behind Nostalgia and why the piano it was created on is such a pivotal piece in the making of this musician on my podcast episode.

His style is candid and personal, remaining true to himself and his audience whilst writing and performing live. Each gig is an expression of his humanity and the only way to prepare for a gig, other than practising, according to him is “Panic and eat a lot of oily spaghetti’.

Shortly after its release he performed Nostalgia live with the Unusually Fanatical Orchestra (U.F.O) and more recently performed at the Dot to Dot festival, which featured artists such as The Publics and Lucy Deakin.

Alfie Sharp Emily Damyan

Since 2019 Sharp has had time to evolve as a musician, exploring new sounds and working alongside other songwriters, all in preparation for a big release in February 2022, which we should all stick around for. Hear more on my podcast episode.

Meet Madam Misfit, ‘Queen of Chaphop’

Madam Misfit by Sophie Lavender

We’ve all had moments of insecurities. Bullies roaming the playground, picking on us for having spots, or not being fast enough or even for things as trivial as hair colour.For years this torment and taunting may have effected your self esteem which is sadly natural yet with age comes wisdom and we can use our insecurites as armour, embracing them for what they really are; part of our unique character and really nothing to be insecure about.

Madam Misfit writes songs that challenge us to celebrate our identity. Set on ‘painting a smile’ on her audiences faces her live shows are always postive, finds out what makes her gigs such an experience in my podcast episode. Her songs ‘True You’ and ‘Red haired Misfit’ both acknowledge the difficulties of being judged as different but also the power that difference can hold.

Red Haired Misfit by Madam Misfit

Her new song Don’t Girl is an anthem to independence and showcases the extent of her talent, this track is bold and upbeat making any listener feel powerful. The atitude of it echoes back to an earlier track called ‘Step aside boys’ an arguably satirical piece about steampunk/chap hop being a male dominated genre which is why Madam Misfit calls herself the ‘Queen of Chap Hop’. Find out who the track is addressed to in my podcast episode with her.

Don’t Girl Madam Misfit
Madam Misfit by Kerry Fenton

It is clear that Madam Misfit is an advocate for postive change as she uses her platform to uplift her listeners to embrace their differences but she also encourages them tomake a difference,especially when it comes to the enviroment which is seen in her single ‘The Wombling song’ which samples an important message by Sir David Attenborough.

Although steam punk music was popularised in 2003, the genre knods back to the revolutionism and romanticism of the Victorian era, as a time of politcal reform, classic literature and a very memorable Queen it is only fitting that Madam Misfit broke through into this genre and earned herself the throne of it.

My podcast episode with Madam Misfit

If you enjoy music such as this, then please head to my instagram to discover similar sounds, listen to upcoming artists and support my blog posts.

Meet The Tenters, An Indie band from Lincolnshire

May be an image of 4 people
The Tenters

Many of us find ourselves in songs, coming to terms with who we are whilst emmersed in rich jazz tunes or dancing to a guitar solo, some of us lose ourselves along the melody. The film Good Will Hunting explores similar themes, the complexity of self and the fragility of potential which is why it inspired The Tenters to write their latest song Good Will but it could also be because two of their band members are called Will, give it a listen and decide for yourself.

Good Will

On this episode of The Lincoln Ear podcast I had the pleasure of speaking to Will Munton and Robert Lester about what it’s like to play live, what they have learned about themselves whilst playing as a band and who they would/wouldn’t trust to be in charge of the aux on tour, who would have throught you’d hear Slipknot and Sugarbabes in the same sentence.


Listen to the podcast here.

Will spoke to me about some of the inspiration behind upcoming songs such as watching a fishing programme, proving that with the right mindset and creativity you can create art from anything.

Their debut song Alexander, relased in July of this year, has been described on their Spotify as a song about whatever for whoever, which is the music we all need, something we can relate to, interpret in our own way and resonate with. Listen to my podcast to find out why it was the hardest song for them to release.


Formed in 2019 the band were faced with the adversity of 2020, but this didn’t hold them back; having released two songs, being featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and an upcoming live performance with the hugely talented ‘Little Comets’, this Sunday tickets available here, it will be exciting to discover where else this band gets their inspiration from and to see what they do with it.

Meet Sophie Browne, a musician from Lincolnshire

Reflect. Take time to ponder previous occasions and future potential. Take time to consider this form in glass in front of us, do we see ourselves or do we see what everyone else assumes of us? It’s a struggle, our fight to obtain/maintain a certain identity. Recently we have all been stuck with ourselves, confronted with who we actually are rather than who we want to be. It is up to us whether to accept who we are or fight for that potential.


Insecure, Sophie’s latest single explores concepts such as these, feeling overwhelmed, powerless and trying to succeed despite both external and internal conflict. This song demonstrates Sophie’s strength as a songwriter, how her lyrics have evolved since her debut song, Runaway.


Ironically Sophie’s own insecurities inspired her to write these songs. Hiding her talent in notebooks, writing up to 30 songs before showing them to some close friends, Tom and Charlotte, who helped her transform aforementioned Runaway into a pop synth track, after initially being a piano ballad about summer love and finding connections.

She shared that ‘Runaway’ was her hardest to release as it ‘”was her first” and she “didn’t realise what [she] was doing and there was a lot of pressure surrounding the response of listeners’


A song that has always stuck with Sophie is ‘Make you feel my love’y Adele but whilst driving she listens to This Is by Jessie Reyez. Sophie has said that “Blasting her work in the car after a rubbish day at work and belting the lyrics out are like a form of therapy’

Sophie Ann Browne

As well as producing music Sophie makes professional cakes and works in the wine industry. For those readers of legal age in your country Sophie recommends “a full bodied but smooth red wine. Perhaps a Primitive from Puglia. It would compliment the song nicely”. Please drink responsibly

Finding her passion at the age of 13 Sophie has now featured on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, has two singles out and is working on more music, so best head to her Spotify and stick around.

Meet Archy, a Lincolnshire musician

Tectonic by Archy

Music is consistent. Listeners are able to control what they hear, what emotion they want to immerse themselves in in order to understand what they’re going through. Archy has said that “Each new song is a culmination of what [he] is at that point in time. Although some songs discuss personal themes I aim for most to be accessible so that my audieince can resonate with them”

His latest single, “Tectonic”, for me is an ode to the beauty and brutality of a tense relationship, may that be a platonic or romantic one. It showcases his talent and maturity as an artisit as usually he overworks his music whereas this time he responded to feeback from friends and was able to produce soemthing with combined perspectives. Tectonic echoes that of Monkey wrench by Foo Fighters and Figure it out by Royal blood.

Archy describes the music he releases as ” rock music with anthemic, thick walls of sound. I love layering up loads of layers and harmonies to fill each song to the brim”

From the age of nine, he spent most of his time playing any instrument he could find and by 12 he was writing his own songs. This effort and commitment led to him having his first self-produced single played on BBC Music Introducing when he was just 16.


Although he is a solo aritst, producing all his own music music, when performing live he enlists the help of friends to serve as his band. He’s been friends with his drummer Ian since secondary school and went to the same music college as his bassist Nathan.

“They both have a powerful stage presence which resonates throughout. Not only are they my band but my best friends too” Archy

Leeds, Reading and Boardmasters festival almsot served as an opening ceremony for the return of live music. Archy was able to perform at Latitude in July of this year, which he described as being a “surreal” and “hectic”experience. He also shared with me the importance of live music “It unites people. You’ll never find anyone friendlier than those people off to see their favourite artists”.

Despite how far he has come in a short period of time, seemingly sprinting toward success, Archy describes himself as “still at base camp at the mountain of the music industry”. But he’s working with a small managment label, wearecetera, in the hopes of gaining more gigs and festival slots,

Meet After Atlantis, a Metal band from all over the World.

After Atlantis

We’ve all heard of the lost City of Atlantis, once a utopian civilisation brimming with intellectual beings formed in the appearance of God, although idolised had no armour against corruption and greed that which infected the population leading to the collapse and eventual sinking of it’s beauty.

After Atlantis took inspiration from this tale, using their talent to question how civilians would have adapted after losing their home to the depths of the Atlantic. Their song Last Goodbye explores this loss, the anger and frustration of having no belonging.

The band members shared with me what was most rewarding about being in a band. Nick, who plays bass, said” When everything comes together into one cohesive song”, after the hours of studio recordings, editing and collaborating over songwriting sessions to see the final product, to witness people listening to your work is obviously one of the most rewarding aspects of being in a band especially if all members have a “unique style” which accroding to lead guitarist Matt they do.

This is probably because of their eclectic musical influences; Matt for example has been influenced by, flamenco music and the chaotic style of Synester gates which explains why a lot of their music uses flat 5th and other songs echo that of Joey Jordison because of Adam’s, the drummer,musical background.

Despite only forming in October 2020 the band have already released two singles, Last Goodbye and All that we say so it is intriuging to see where else this band will go in the near future. Due to social media many aspring muscian this access to the msuic industry is simple if they can sing, scream or strum some chords yet it’s so much more challening than this which can be offputting that is why I asked the band members to share their advice vocalist Jack said  “Don’t be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone it’s the only way you can grow as a musician. And learn to take criticism cause not everyone will like what you do” …

…and that is perfectley fine because others will as long as you “Enjoy the grind, embrace it and become obsessed with it. Work hard, party harder. “according to Matt which is seconded by Nick who says Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and keep on trying, even if it doesn’t go the way you want it to”

As long as you “just have fun with it, you’ll find out you can do more & write better stuff when you don’t take it too seriously” shared Adam. Music is for the people, including and almost especially, for those writing and producing it. 

Interestingly all members are from different countries proving that when music matters distance doesn’t and we can untie through sound wherever we are.

Meet Mengelmoes; A neo funk band formed in Norwich.

Mengelmoes permorming their latest single ‘Say Something’ photo creds to Tabi Kate

Groovy, an adjective that embodies both the colours and sounds of the 70s and 80s. A time of discos, political reform and bold style choices.

In recent years we’ve seen a return to these eras, watched new releases of cinema inspired by classics, danced to familiar yet new sounds and Mengelmoes have embodied this passion, creativity and popularity. Combining the cultures and backgrounds of all band members, their influlences and inspirations, they have managed to make an entirely new genre of music, one that works so well it’s difficult to describe.

Stealing a phrase from songwriter and guitarist Taegan Venner, the music Mengelmoes produce is a ‘concoction’ of various sounds, from funk, neo soul to jazz and even metal their music is something you have to experience to understand.

The video for their latest single ‘Say Something’ ,according to their frontman Tiago, was inspired by the propaganda of present day polticians, which has fuelled disparities and mystification surrounding our current climate, leaving us in a dangerous and desperate situation. Pay close attention to the finer details, both in life and whilst watching the video.

It is ironic, and perhaps even deliberate, then that the lyrics, written by Taegan Venner to this song evoke that of a conversation between lovers, the idosyncrasies that we share and the understandings that unite us and the disparites that challenge us. A complete contrast to the inspiration for the video, yet it works. We are so distracted by the colours, and the promises of life that we forget what surrounds us.

Mengelomoes performing at Werhaus Brick Lane Photo cred to Underground sound

James, who plays the keyboard, shared with me the inspirations behind other songs such as Purple lady, the back story you’ll have to head to my podcast to hear about.

Near death experiences, mysterious women in purple and flexible limbs. Listen to my podcast episode for more

With their new single out, and the release party this Friday at Voodoo Daddy’s pizza in Norwich supported by Sukko tickets for which you can get here it is clear that Mengelomoes is a band that guarantees to get you into a good groove.

Meet Albany, A four piece Indie band based in Lincoln.


Although it’s good to live in the present, the recent present has not been so desriable so you’d be forgiven for regressing into the past in order to see a more hopeful future. This comfort of familairtiy is one of the reasons why Matt Duke, guitarist and lead Vocalist for Albany, describes their sound as a modern take on nostalgia, proving that sometimes previous events allow us to evolve into new phases of ourselves, or in this case music.

Their new single ‘Need No Longer’ is a powerful anthem exploring human resilience in the face of the past year. The supporting music video explores themes of captivity, battles with uncertantiy and the fragility of personal freedom.

Rebecca Gale, student of the University of Lincoln, is the talented performer featured in the above music video. Her movements capture the emotions expressed in the song, the gradual demise into anger and desperation for liberation after the intial welcoming of something novel, dutifully staying indoors, baking bread and diligently sticking to our hour of exercise. Matt shared with me, on my podcast, that she moved from being an angel to the devil, defying restrcitions and breaking free causing damage in her wake.

Albany is a four piece Indie band from Lincoln, made up of Dan Sharrat the drummer, Billy Richards the guitarist, Chris Fletcher the bassist and Matt Duke. They have played alongside Scouting for Girls, The Velvet Hands and Marsicans. Featured on BBC introducing Lincolnshire and their song Found you out featured on This Morning with Holly and Phil.

They’ve also performed at the Engine Shed,Camden rocks and and the Holbeach music and beer festival.

Dan and Matt feature on my podcast where we discussed the difficulties of maintaining a band, the joys of performing live and intriguing hidden talents, click here to find out more.

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