Meet Sükko , an alt-indie band from Lincoln, Norwich and Sheffield.


From homemade bedroom studios, and kitchen table acoustics Sukko have now released five singles, their latest being ‘Take your Time’

Formed back in 2018 by talented duo Felix and Eliot the band now resembles a style more true to the Indie formation with five members. There’s the ‘full time funk whistle extraordinaire’ Matt Thompson on the trumpet and they keyboard, the creative Ben Alexander on drums, the talented James Jordan on guitar, a role shared with mastermind Eliot Clarke and the skilled lead vocalist Felix Jordan. The transition to a larger band marks maturity both in Sükko’s music and in the lyrics of their songs.

Music by nature brings us together, through comfort, anger and despair, on dirty dancefloors and duvet covers, hairbrush in hand, it is this collective sound and escapism that unites us. That is why we can all reflect on how the pandemic affected us, our daily lives we can lament and we can celebrate and we can share our feelings through song.

Their eclectic music taste; Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals and Radiohead explains why their unique style is, energetic , political in attitude yet contrasted with ‘feel good summer songs’. As the band evolves so does their song writing by moving towards promoting messages surrounding mental health, racial and gender equality and the need for change which has been highlighted by the disparities and the reactions to the COVID 19 pandemic, allowing us to question whether we can do more and working toward achieving that difference.

Their songs cover many themes, their most recent being the fragility of youth which is widely explored in their latest single ‘Take your time’ , Sükko explained to me that when we are young we tend to ‘rush past awkward early relationships and immaturities’ in order to ‘grow up’ later realizing perhaps we should have cherished those moments, because in order to really grow up we need to be young first and be able to ‘reflect on past mistakes’.

This single really demonstrates the band’s maturity and as well as ushering in a new era for live music it kicks off their soon to be released debut EP ‘A Violent Deep Feel’, it’s a song guaranteed to get you moving at a gig.


Which thankfully we can now all do, back on muddy fields, lit up dancefloors and stadium stalls. Sükko  are currently preparing for a massive live gig on October 1st with Vigilantes and Who’s Misty at Liquor in Lincoln. Both bands bring such ‘amazing energy and swagger with them’ unfortunately this is now sold out but Sükko  are returning to the Waterfront on the 19th of September for their very first headline gig as a band, tickets for that are on sale here. But for now you should check them out on Spotify.


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