Meet Mengelmoes; A neo funk band formed in Norwich.

Mengelmoes permorming their latest single ‘Say Something’ photo creds to Tabi Kate

Groovy, an adjective that embodies both the colours and sounds of the 70s and 80s. A time of discos, political reform and bold style choices.

In recent years we’ve seen a return to these eras, watched new releases of cinema inspired by classics, danced to familiar yet new sounds and Mengelmoes have embodied this passion, creativity and popularity. Combining the cultures and backgrounds of all band members, their influlences and inspirations, they have managed to make an entirely new genre of music, one that works so well it’s difficult to describe.

Stealing a phrase from songwriter and guitarist Taegan Venner, the music Mengelmoes produce is a ‘concoction’ of various sounds, from funk, neo soul to jazz and even metal their music is something you have to experience to understand.

The video for their latest single ‘Say Something’ ,according to their frontman Tiago, was inspired by the propaganda of present day polticians, which has fuelled disparities and mystification surrounding our current climate, leaving us in a dangerous and desperate situation. Pay close attention to the finer details, both in life and whilst watching the video.

It is ironic, and perhaps even deliberate, then that the lyrics, written by Taegan Venner to this song evoke that of a conversation between lovers, the idosyncrasies that we share and the understandings that unite us and the disparites that challenge us. A complete contrast to the inspiration for the video, yet it works. We are so distracted by the colours, and the promises of life that we forget what surrounds us.

Mengelomoes performing at Werhaus Brick Lane Photo cred to Underground sound

James, who plays the keyboard, shared with me the inspirations behind other songs such as Purple lady, the back story you’ll have to head to my podcast to hear about.

Near death experiences, mysterious women in purple and flexible limbs. Listen to my podcast episode for more

With their new single out, and the release party this Friday at Voodoo Daddy’s pizza in Norwich supported by Sukko tickets for which you can get here it is clear that Mengelomoes is a band that guarantees to get you into a good groove.

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