Meet Carry The Crown A Rock band taking Lincolnshire by storm

For those of you on the go, and those of you that have been missing it, my podcast has returned listen to it here

Carry the Crown

Guitarist Rupert Tyrer and drummer James Butcher shared stories with me about unlimited beer, hidden talents and the difficulty of starting a band when two members don’t speak for 6 months- they’re the best of friends now though.

It’s this aggressive passion that fuels the band’s success and incites an audience to head bang, throw themselves at each other and on the floor. It’s this energy that felt impossible to attain for so long that now it’s finally back we are all quite stunned, allowng the music to melt over us so we too can feel it’s liquid form and wash away the year and a half on not being able to.

In my opinion their song ‘Faster’ is one of my favourites but it seems the release of ‘Karma’ was a defining moment for the band and you can hear why on my podcast.

Karma by Carry the Crown

Recently playing at The Scene in Lincoln, alongside The Velvet Queens, James explained to me that he felt ‘mesmerised’. After a gig that electric it’s ‘difficult to talk’. As a member of the moshers I too was stunned at how surreal it was too once again feel the pull of the crowd.

Which you can all feel too at their upcoming live shows, the first being on August the 26th with Shanghai Blue’s at The Victoria in London, tickets available here, and then another on Saturday the 18th September with SkinDred , more information here, and if that wasn’t enough for you there’s another Friday 24th September at the Lincoln Imp in Scunthorpe ,tickets available here. More things are in the works but you’ll have to head to my podcast to hear about that.

By Dean Addison

Carry The Crown is really a band for it’s crowds, consistently involving them at live shows, talking to them afterward and making music we can all resonate with. Shared anger, shared passion their performances are a guaranteed collective, cathartic experience.

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