Meet Albany, A four piece Indie band based in Lincoln.


Although it’s good to live in the present, the recent present has not been so desriable so you’d be forgiven for regressing into the past in order to see a more hopeful future. This comfort of familairtiy is one of the reasons why Matt Duke, guitarist and lead Vocalist for Albany, describes their sound as a modern take on nostalgia, proving that sometimes previous events allow us to evolve into new phases of ourselves, or in this case music.

Their new single ‘Need No Longer’ is a powerful anthem exploring human resilience in the face of the past year. The supporting music video explores themes of captivity, battles with uncertantiy and the fragility of personal freedom.

Rebecca Gale, student of the University of Lincoln, is the talented performer featured in the above music video. Her movements capture the emotions expressed in the song, the gradual demise into anger and desperation for liberation after the intial welcoming of something novel, dutifully staying indoors, baking bread and diligently sticking to our hour of exercise. Matt shared with me, on my podcast, that she moved from being an angel to the devil, defying restrcitions and breaking free causing damage in her wake.

Albany is a four piece Indie band from Lincoln, made up of Dan Sharrat the drummer, Billy Richards the guitarist, Chris Fletcher the bassist and Matt Duke. They have played alongside Scouting for Girls, The Velvet Hands and Marsicans. Featured on BBC introducing Lincolnshire and their song Found you out featured on This Morning with Holly and Phil.

They’ve also performed at the Engine Shed,Camden rocks and and the Holbeach music and beer festival.

Dan and Matt feature on my podcast where we discussed the difficulties of maintaining a band, the joys of performing live and intriguing hidden talents, click here to find out more.

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