Don’t Ask, new single by The Facades

Alannah Webb, Evan Armstrong , Luke Ashton and Sam Bowery on bass by Kiera Davies

The anonymity of the nighclub dancefloor where your name and your stories beome about as memorable as the discarded empty cups. This power, this pride you have in your new identity, how will you use it? Stun passersbys by owning a dance circle, chugging on a two for ten pitcher? Or chatting up some girl that doesn’t want to notice you? She laughs politley as she fidgets with her bag, you may thinks it’s cute but she’s under attack. She turns away but you tap her back, still not getting the message she requests a song from the DJ. Don’t Ask by The Facades starts playing and you learn to leave her alone.

The Facades

Boys feel it too, sometimes they don’t want to know you, they don’t want to buy you that drink. They want to dance and let go too. So stick Don’t Ask on and keep respecting others and respecting yourself.

This track hosts harmonies evocative to a black and white powerpoint film, photos that show a summer stroll, a rowing trip, a floral dress and a beach hat in the sand but it’s message has so much meaning. We’ve all been on nights out where we have either witnessed to or been the victim of a person that will just not let you go, what’s your number, what’s your name, are you here alone? Don’t ask because you don’t need to know.

The Facades by Kiera Davies

The facades, made up of Alannah Webb on vocals and guitar, Evan Armstrong on guitar, Luke Ashton on drums and Sam Bowery on bass, from Wigan formed in early 2020 are renowned for poignent lyrics and foreboding instrumentals especially in their debut single, That letter which is dominated by a dark drum beat, allowing for an enigmatic atmosphere that fits with the narrative of the song.

They have already been featured on BBC introducing and they’re on This Feeling’s one to watch list in 2022, so look out for them and head to their gigs, defend that dancefloor you came their to party.

This weeks episode of the podcast features funny impressions, colourful characters and a duck named Paul. For your chance to see Paul, and the talented Facades of course,head to the links below to buy tickets for their gigs.

Buy tickets to REWIRED Fest here

Stockton Calling tickets

UK tour tickets

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