Meet Flo Gallop, a refreshing musician from South East London.

Flo Gallop by Tom Hopewell

How do you heal a heart? Have a cry in the shower, go out every night for two weeks with your friends, or sit in bed for a few nights watching naughties chic flics? Perhaps it’s a combination of al three, maybe you even blast out a few breakup anthems, a bit of good for you by Olivia Rodrigo, heartbreaker by Marina and the diamonds or something new, something with a bit of empowering attitude like Sorry for you mate by Flo Gallop.

Flo Gallop

While it’s healthy to mourn, acknowledge the pain they have caused you this sing will serve to remind you that they lost you! Why should you be sad? Apologise for their loss and feel that power return. It’s time to live life according to Flo’s lyrics and be “happy [you’re] through”. The raw truth to her lyrics make her playful sound so easy to resonate with, you’ll be too busy dancing to think of any supposed good times and you’ll soon realise it’s for the best that this negative person is out of you life.

Sorry for you mate echoes the effervescence of Señorita by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes with a punchy rhythm that demands attention which is complimented by Flo’s confidence that comes across in her vigorous lyrics.

This passionate lyrical personality is definitive of Flo’s music style, she is exuberant, raw and thus accessible to listeners. Her songs are conversational, her words are a friend in our ear telling us to take back our lives and make the best out of a bad situation by being happy they’re gone. If you want to celebrate at one of Flo’s live gigs she’s playing at Roadtrip and the Workshop on the 23rd of March, buy tickets here

Flo Gallop by Tom Hopewell

The joyous nature of her narratives are found in Flo’s previous singles such as UP, which is a colourful insight into her personal life, a pop anthem embracing positivity, rising above any negativity. Personally I can’t help but fantasise about summer afternoons and busy bbq when this song comes on, her songs have that teleportive power so you can sit in the sun even if you feel you can’t face the world, although with this music I doubt you’d be sitting for very long.

UP by Flo Gallop

I find her sound evocative of Eliza Doolittle and Lily Allen but she has her own flair and her own sound, it’s the call back to the naughties that I am living for.

As a 21 year old, Flo’s song 21 is the guidance anyone in their early twenties needs.The tumultuous twenties, are like rushing through a river rapid, some people are seemingly so far ahead married, children maybe, while others have full time jobs or sweating it out at Uni, where are you supposed to be? That high school fear of fitting it cradles you as panic settles in. Flo reminds us, there is no right place to be, no sure direction, you have to make the waves work for you, be your own source of navigation and you’ll get through, ending up where you need to be.

21 Flo Gallop

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