Q and A with the spectacular, Salt The Snail.

Genre defying powerhouse with anthemic chords and live gigs with the enthusiasim of a child faced with a limitless ballpit, Salt The Snail define difference.

Tracks like Lazer Quest nod to the fun the band have with their music. The powerful vocals paired with rapid instrumentals are sure to have a crowd bouncing. The contradiction of cheerful themes paired with the raging tone makes for a chaotic but carthatic experience.

Salt the Snail

This entertaining energy extends to their live gigs where fans are encouraged to bring, small inflatables and toys to just maxmise having a good time and letting go.

Get to know the band below in my Q and A

1. Who is everyone in the band?
The Wildcard – Vocals
The Baron – Bass
The Wardrobe – Guitar
The Stray – Drums
The Captain – Guitar

2. Is the snail called salt or do you want to salt the snail? Tell me about the origin of your band name.
These days, to appease the PETA crowd, we say its a Snail called Salt, which is a bit of fun but originally it was neither of the above and we certainly don’t condone violence toward any living creature

Its a reference to, collectively our favourite TV show; Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. In that show, they are salting a snail called Gail who is actually a person

3. How would you describe your style?
We’ve been described as many things over the years, hardocre punk seems to stick the most but I’m sure some chump with Refused tattooed across their chin would have something to say about that

We actually came up with our own style which we like to call ESCAPISM MEOWSIC which is essentially us having a ton of fun whilst trying to distract you from your problems for a brief moment all channelled through our admiration of cats

And if youre thinking ‘WTF is he on about’ then I dont blame you

Salt The Snail

4. What are your biggest musical influences?
There’s loads in there. Our live style is pretty lively and madcap and that was heavily influenced by seeing The Hives once in Glastonbury which was the best live show I’ve ever witnessed

McLuskey for sheer genius lyricism, Helmet, Rueben, Clutch, The Jesus Lizard, SPQR, Sweet Deals on Surgery and of course Limp Bizkit

5. Who would you be without music?

6. What’s your favorite moment in the band so far?
This one time we were at Charnock Richard services and our bassist The Baron taught us that its much cheaper to get the wrap of the day, fries and a drink all separately at Maccies rather than getting a meal. Never looked back since

The Wildcard
The Baron
The Wardrobe
The Stray
The Captain Taken by Ben Rogers

7. How did you all meet?
We are all from Widnes/Runcorn except our Bassist who is from Swanley.

We’ve all been in different bands for years and we have put gigs on for years too, we all got to know each other because the Liverpool music scene is really inclusive and friendly like that.

We started out as a 3 piece and The Baron was someone who we thought was a genius because his previous band Jazzhands were one of our favourites, he wanted to play Bass for us one time and we said hell yeah and he never left. Our 2nd guitarist The Captain, he joined not too long after, initially as a stand in for The Wardrobe but The Captain is a pure human so we kept him forever.

8. How do you prepare for Live gigs?
Check the inflatables for punctures, scour my garage for random shit to give away as a joke prize, write the song titles on some shit we can throw into the crowd stuff it all in a suitcase with some CANS and get on it

We used to just go Poundland but it was getting too pricey

9. Why do you want people to bring toys to the gig?
Cos our M.O is to have loads of fun and hope our audience join in. Toys are cool so the more the merrier

10. What makes you different?
We are an all straight white male, 5 piece, playing guitar music and im pretty sure thats never been done before

11. What advice would you give to those trying to get into the music industry?
1. Drop your inhibitions
2. Do it because you love it and don’t lose track of that
3. Have a plan
4. Don’t let some tupenny wideboy with a Canada Goose coat and a big a1 poster of Leeds Festival 2016 on the wall of his £200 a month office space that doesn’t even have a private toilet sway the artistic direction you take as a band based on a promise to get you on a Spotify playlist that only unimaginative drones listen to
5. Buy Wolf Cola

12. Do you have any hidden talents or jokes you can share with the reader?
I did write a joke once when I was younger which I think is quite good, I use it sometimes in a tight spot like if a guitar string snaps or The Stray forgets that he’s at the gig, here goes;

Did you hear about the hearse that got pulled up on the motorway?
It got done for undertaking!

Side note, you could say ‘i wouldn’t be seen dead in one of them’ if you ever see a hearse…but that’s not one of mine so don’t come at me if it goes the wrong way

Listen to the band on the new EVOLVE Spotify playlist and follow them on Instagram

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