This new single demands a live rendition with the crowd in full throttle mosh pit, headbanging and pogoing. The lyrics may be disorientating as lines blur between who the ‘user abuser’ is but this dizziness may be a deliberate attempt to reflect situations in which a manipulator twists scenarios to stunt you, leaving you struggling between who you are and who you are having to be because of this person, but the message is clear, it’s time to move on from this environment, even though this song will stick around.

The punchy attitude from Daniel Sharatt on the drums drumbeat permeates this piece reminding a listener to stand tall in the face of adversity. This is echoed by the guitar riffs and amplified by Matt Duke’s powerful vocals. Together the track produced is dominant, catchy and in need of a repeat listen.

This is the third release from Albany’s post covid studio sessions with more exciting music in the works it is Inspiring to see this band EVOLVE.

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