Meet Kelly Gelder and discover the power of music

Kelly Gelder taken by Mollie Higgins.

Do you dream of revisiting earlier times, find yourself reminiscing over those final goodbyes and still blushing at that first kiss? Certain songs take us there, back to the arms of lovers no longer with us, back to the laughter of a youthful friendships, or even back to your first nights out, although when you find a song strong enough for you to recall what happens on dirty dancefloors let me know.

We’ve all had Deja vu, a fleeting scent of an old teacher’s perfume, the burning rubber of our childhood playground but music is different. Kelly Gelder describes it as a time capsule, powerful enough to evoke tears that leave you smiling once the song fades out. 

In my podcast episode ,with Kelly, we discuss the intensity of sound, pop/punk icons such as Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne as well as some sound advice to aspiring artists.Listen to it here.

Kelly recalls an emotional piece that poured out of her once she sat at her piano.With no preparation or plan a song that left her sobbing flew out of her, the words, the melody and structure cascading from her fingertips. A sign of true talent, proving you do not always need to sweat for hours restricting yourself to a routine to produce something, you can not restrain creativity.


Her love for music was consolidated when she was eight and her father surprised her with a trip to see Avril Lavigne, adorned with in Claire’s accessories finest, the neon pink hair extensions and fingerless net gloves (We have all been there), she was inspired to learn the drums. Now studying classical music at University, she teaches piano as well as practising new songs for three hours a day.

All that and she’s preparing for an upcoming gig on the 22nd of April at the  Primrose Pub in Leeds where she will be supporting The distance UK. It starts at 8pm and tickets are £4 on the door. Kelly will be performing originals as well as covers so make sure you’re there.

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