Meet Alfie Sharp, Nottinghamshire singer songwriter.

Alfie Sharp By Emily Damyan

Music is the strongest form of communication, listeners resonate with and relate to the emotion which is why songs that are straightforward with their message allow for a different relationship with the melody. We hear what we need to, entering the singers realm and sharing their experiences from a seemingly effortless standpoint.

Although there is no apparent formula to songwriting this method is arguably why Alfie sharp’s debut track Nostalgia has done incredibly since being released in 2019.With over 600,000 streams on Spotify this poignant track about not feeling secure in the position you’re in and persevering to where you want to be shows that we all struggle with the same insecurities and are constantly trying to power through to overcome them.

Nostalgia pulls off the difficult juxtaposition of being both direct yet hypnotizingly beautiful, liquid poetry that is somehow straight to the point.

Nostalgia By Alfie Sharp

Learn more about the creative process behind Nostalgia and why the piano it was created on is such a pivotal piece in the making of this musician on my podcast episode.

His style is candid and personal, remaining true to himself and his audience whilst writing and performing live. Each gig is an expression of his humanity and the only way to prepare for a gig, other than practising, according to him is “Panic and eat a lot of oily spaghetti’.

Shortly after its release he performed Nostalgia live with the Unusually Fanatical Orchestra (U.F.O) and more recently performed at the Dot to Dot festival, which featured artists such as The Publics and Lucy Deakin.

Alfie Sharp Emily Damyan

Since 2019 Sharp has had time to evolve as a musician, exploring new sounds and working alongside other songwriters, all in preparation for a big release in February 2022, which we should all stick around for. Hear more on my podcast episode.