Lazy Hunter Release new single “Strange Times”

Arguably the most fitting title for a song.

Chirs and Pete from Lazy Hunter

“No Man is an Island” said John Donne in 1642 but sometimes it can feel that way. Sometimes we deliberately drift away departing from our neighbours in a bid to better ourselves, allowing ourselves a chance to change. Lazy Hunter embodies  this detachment in their new single ‘Strange times”

Strange times transports us to these islands and reflects mulitple realities ampliefied by the Chris on the synth and echoed by Pete on the drums. The instrumentals have the tendancy to blend into each other adding to the disorientatiion we all tend to feel in these strange times.

Strange times Lazy Hunter

Their witty observations on society are delivered with a melodious backing track directed by Chris’ cynical, but impactful lyrics.

This single has been released as part of a mini album the duo have been working on. After years of exhaustive work, the brothers are finally receiving the success they deserve by gaining recognition from RGM Magazine and Rising Artists as well as airplay from BBC Music Introducing.

With their genre-defying sound and experimental edge, this band brings you a new noise to contemplate to. Hopefully soon we will have their mini album to contemplate over.

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